Game Predictions – 3/29/2006

Kind of short on time this morning so no analysis but here are the predictiosn for tonights games. Games that could go differently than the algorithms predictions are Boston-Buffalo (Buffalo hasn’t played well the past 2 weeks) and Islanders-Rangers (rivalry games often result in upsets).

Home Team Fair
Road Team Fair
Predicted Winner Confidence
Buffalo -161 Boston 138 Buffalo Good
NY Islanders 127 NY Rangers -138 NY Rangers Good
Carolina -220 Washington 154 Carolina Strong
Pittsburgh 120 Florida -125 Florida Some
Chicago -126 St. Louis 120 Chicago Some
Dallas -189 Anaheim 147 Dallas Strong
Calgary -131 Los Angeles 124 Calgary Some
Vancouver -187 Minnesota 146 Vancouver Strong

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  1. Looks good but Dallas as a strong play? I know the Ducks are on back to back but the Stars have nothing to play for and the Ducks have everything to play for.

    GL Also like the Canucks tonight

  2. My season stats on predictions to date:

    won 659 games
    lost 409 games
    percentage correct = 61.7%

    I’ll be back in a few with my picks for tonight

  3. Tonights Predictions:

    -NY Islanders (upset)
    -St. Louis (upset)
    -Los Angeles(upset)

  4. sorry Vancouver’s not an upset, it was a typo.

    The Algo above has taken all 8 favs tonight. Im skeptical about that. We’ll see what happens. You never know.

  5. And i forgot to add a game lol…damn…k here we go again:

    Tonights Predications:

    -NY Islanders (upset)
    -St. Louis (upset)
    -Los Angelels (upset)

  6. David. I noticed once again as I said before..your algo system has yet to select a team to win who played the night before. Tonight being Anaheim. Why is this?

  7. and Minnesota.

    I believe its been aprox. 20 games or so and your system has yet to pick a winner who played the ngiht before. Is this a glitch in your system?

  8. Changes to my picks for tonight:

    -NY Rangers
    -St. Louis

  9. Made 4 Proline Pool Tickets for tonight and tomarrow (2day ticket). My picks for tomarrow nights games are the same throughtout all 4 tickets. Only different picks I made was for tonight. Here they are:

    Ticket 1:
    -Buf, NYR, Car, Fla, StL, Cgy, Dal, Van

    Ticket 2:
    -Buf, NYR, Car, Fla, StL, Cgy, Ana, Van

    Ticket 3:
    -Buf, NYR, Fla, Chi, Cgy, Ana, Van

    Ticket 4:
    -Buf, NYR, Car, Fla, Chi, Cgy, Dal, Van

    All 4 tickets have these game winners for tomarrow:
    -Atl, Mtl, NJ, NYR, Det, Edm, SJ

    Im pretty much set on tomarrow night..tonights the tough part. Hopefully enough combos to hit a big pay day

  10. Strong: FLO
    Some: NYI, CAR
    Upset: BOS
    Home: CHI, DAL, CGY, VAN


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