Game Predictions – 3/28/2006

There are seven games on the schedule today most of which have some level of playoff significance. Of interest to me is the Ottawa/New Jersey game since I will be going to the game. It is also a fairly important game for both teams as New Jersey sits just 3 points ahead of 9th place Atlanta so their playoff spot is anything but a certainty. The game is also important for Ottawa as they try to maintain their lead over Carolina for top spot in the eastern conference. I should also note that this will be my third Senators game this year. At home the Senators have a 26-6-1 record and have average 4.2 goals per game at home. In the 2 games previous games that I have been to they have lost both and scored just 2 goals losing both by 2-1 scores (to Carolina and Atlanta). If they lose again tonight I guess I am just bad luck for the Senators (which is fine since I am a Leaf fan).

In the other games I agree with most of the algorithms predictions but I wouldn’t be surprised if Anaheim upsets Colorado. In fact I might even expect it as Anaheim has been playing some really good hockey recently having won 6 in a row and 9 of 10.

Home Team Fair
Road Team Fair
Predicted Winner Confidence
Philadelphia -126 Toronto 120 Philadelphia Some
Columbus 125 San Jose -133 San Jose Good
Montreal -148 NY Islanders 132 Montreal Good
Ottawa -191 New Jersey 147 Ottawa Strong
Colorado -122 Anaheim 118 Colorado Some
Edmonton -131 Minnesota 124 Edmonton Some
Phoenix -108 Nashville 107 Nashville Some

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  1. only one wrong last night…..enough to screw my pro-line up…I won 3 bets on individual gaames with wager web..balance is at 55$ started at 25…going well…ithink I won 5 bets in a row on this site… I tried a proline pool last night….bufallo killed me , I would have had them all right….oh well..bufallo also was the game that screwed my proline up…2 goal lead….4 to 2 and they lost…

    dave i like all your games tonight but i think anahiem will beat colorado…

  2. -TISK TISK TISK mike L…haha…you asked me yesterday to give you 3 games..and I did…I also advised to to stay away from the BUF/NYR game becuase it was going to be close, and indeed it was. Oh well…you tried…you only had 1 wrong. It happens dude…far more than you know 🙁

    -Went 5/5 with my picks last night, 9/10 last 2 nights.

    -San Jose

    PROLINE HOCKEY POOL ticket from last night continuing into tonight…

    2.CAR over TB *CORRECT*
    3.FLA over BOS *CORRECT*
    4.DET over STL *CORRECT*
    5.VAN over LA *CORRECT*
    6.SJ over CLB
    7. TOR/PHI (BOXED) -I think Toronto will win tho
    8. OTT over NJ (Emery will brake record for wins in month)
    9. MTL over NYI
    10. ANA over COL
    11. EDM over MIN
    12. NSH over PHX

    Wish me luck! 🙂

  3. -There is a few games in question tonight. I agree with David in that Anaheim will win. Colorado is slight favourite due to home ice advantage. Anaheim is very hot as of late and Selanne is lighting it up non stop. Should be a tight one but Aneheim seems determined to push for higher positioning. Good bet to take Anaheim.
    -Toronto plays Philadelphia tonight and even tho Philly is favourite I have to give this one to the Leafs. Aubin is due to start in this game once again. I expect the Leafs to come out Flying (no pun intended). The Leafs are without Allison and Khavanov but gut feeling says big game from Sundin, Tucker and the power play unit tonight. Toronto is fighting to stay alive in the Eastern playoff race and hasnt won 2 away games in a while….Good bet to take Toronto as well.
    Last game in question in my opinion is MIN/EDM. Minnesota is winning the season series 4-2 but I expect a tight game and maybe Roloson showing up his former mates being the difference in this one. Edmonton to win.

  4. hey! i jus wanna know if u could help me with the prediction for hockey games. i play proline & i want to know which team will win for sure.

  5. Well one knows hows going to win…if you know someone who knows all the correct games night in and night out…please let me know 😛 As u can see above… several consistant people come on this site and throw their predictions on the site…Davids are above in writing, his algorithm system above and mine are on the page above as well. Use any you like and dont use any you dont like. 🙂 Good Luck

  6. I can’t win money with so many tied games! I would rather bet on the score 3-3 or 4-4 in all games this time!

    Strong: PHI, OTT, ANA
    Some: SJS, MTL, EDM
    Home: PHX

    Bet: PHI, OTT, ANA, PHX

  7. I don’t think I’ll be going to any more games this year but I’ll certainly let you know if I do. I was sitting with my friend who went to the other 2 games with me somewhat dumfounded at the coincidence that with under a minute left we were looking at another 2-1 Senators loss. But Heatley managed to tie it on a deflection sending it to overtime.

    For those of you who didn’t see the game you should try to find a replay of the John Madden short handed goal. Seeing it live it was one of those goals I’ll remember for a while. It started with an Ottawa defenseman taking a slap shot from the point which hit Madden’s stick and broke it. Madden went to the New Jersey bench for a replacement stick temporarilly giving Ottawa a 5 on 3 advantage. But Madden was now being the play and while an Ottawa defenseman was setting up for another slap shot from the point Madden came in from behind, stole the puck, and scored on a breakaway. The Ottawa player probably didn’t know what happened to the puck when he looked down to slap it and it wasn’t there. The play went from good luck for the Senators by a Madden broken stick to bad luck. It was one of those plays you just don’t see happen but was quite amusing.

    Other game notes: Brian Gionta was a dominant force in this game. He was all over the ice and scored a goal but could have scored 3 or 4. Also in the first was one of the longest fights I have seen between Cam Janssen and Brian McGratton. These guys pounded on each other for several minutes and the 5’11” Janssen did quite well against the 6’4 McGratton. It almost seemed as if McGratton’s reach was a disadvantage as he was hitting Janssen on the back of the head while Janssen was hitting McGratton in the face. Both guys got several good hits in though and it was one of the more entertaining fights I’ve seen in a while. Both players constantly waived out the linesmen who on a couple of occassions thought about stepping in to break it up.

    Also, the 5 minute overtime provided some great end to end hockey with both teams getting excellent chances. People talk about how entertaining the shoot out is but I would have much rather sat through more overtime play. I’d like to see them play 10 minutes of OT before going to the shootout.

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