Game Predictions – 3/27/2006

Just 5 NHL games on the schedule tonight and the only game with real significant playoff implications is the Los Angeles-Vancouver game. Currently Vancouver sits tied for 8th spot with San Jose (though San Jose holds 2 games in hand) and Los Angeles trails them by just 1 point (with a game in hand over Vancouver). I like Vancouver to win this game. The other western conference game is a dud with the best team in the west (Detroit) playing the worst (St. Louis). In the east Florida tries to keep its very slim playoff hopes alive against the all but mathematically eliminated Boston Bruins. I’ll disagree with the algorithm prediction and say Florida wins this game. Carolina plays Tampa in a somewhat unimportant game though Carolina still has an opportunity to overtake Ottawa for top seed in the east and Tampa’s playoff spot is still not secure. In the only other game we see the NY Rangers and Buffalo meet up in an important playoff position game. The Rangers are in a tough battle with Philaldelphia for the division title and 3rd playoff seed while the loser of that battle will compete with Buffalo for the 4th seed and home ice advantage when they meet in the playoffs. So although the game means little in who makes the playoffs it is significant in playoff standings. Buffalo is struggling big time the past week so I once again will go agains the algorithms prediction and take the Rangers to win.

Home Team Fair
Road Team Fair
Predicted Winner Confidence
Boston -126 Florida 121 Boston Some
NY Rangers 103 Buffalo -103 Buffalo Some
Carolina -143 Tampa Bay 130 Carolina Good
St. Louis 138 Detroit -163 Detroit Strong
Vancouver -120 Los Angeles 117 Vancouver Some

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  1. dave started an account with site you posted . doing well , started with 25 now up to 40$…it’s fun and a lot easier just picking one game…

  2. can’t go solely by the algo…use it as a base and make a few changes because it’s rarely 100%…average is in 60% range so try and make a few good changes it brings me up…i went 3 for 5 last night…two changes makes a differnce.

  3. I went 4/5 last night. Losing only the Pittsburgh game. Tonight’s going to be a tough one. The Buffalo-NY Rangers game is going to be a good game. Tampa Bay is up 4-1 in the Series vs Carolilna…that may play a huge part in who wins this game.

    Tonights Picks:


  4. On Second thought…2 changes to my picks tonight:

    -NY Rangers
    -Tampa Bay

  5. Stats update on Inverted favorites:
    1 of 10 (10% :lol:) won, 7 of 10 (70%) lost. Is it predictable upsets? Than, why it is upset?

    Strong: FLO, TBL, DET
    Some/Good: NYR, LAK
    Inverted/Upset: NONE
    Home: NONE

  6. When you posted the predictions, you posted today’s date as March 28, instead of 27. Keif is the only one here who thinks they can beat Vancouver. I’m the second. I also take Carolina, Detroit, NYR, and Florida

  7. Keif. I dont understand what you just said above? Are you saying your algo predicted these upsets 7/10 times? Exactly what factors does your system play into affect and which factors does it not? What is your algo winning % thus far? Sorry, Im just curious because Im skeptic of this algorithm system.

  8. My reasons for taking Vancouver over Los Angeles:

    -Canucks 1 game losing streak. 14-10-3 after a loss.
    -Kings 1 game winning streak. 18-16-3 after a win.
    -Canucks 28-19-3 on weekdays.
    -Kings 22-23-4 on weekdays.
    -Canucks 17th ranked PP and 16th ranked PK.
    -Kings 27th ranked PP and 26th ranked PK.
    -Canucks 21-9-4 at home (9th in NHL)
    -Kings 15-16-4 on the road (16th in NHL)
    -H. Sedin, Bertuzzi, Carter and Auld all hot for Canucks last few games.
    -Garon, Robitaille, and Gleason all cold as of late.
    -Recent injuries to Roenick, Armstrong Cowan and continued missed action from Demitra, and Flinn is a huge disadvantage to the Kings.

    Those are my main points in why I would take Vancouver over Los Angeles tonight.

  9. I understand your reasoning. I guess that’s why they call you Mr. Hockey. I believe that Vancouver has the advantage in this pivotal Western-Conference match up, especially since Vancouver has lost only 3 of the previous 13 games between them. But Los Angeles did Saturday night get Alexander Frolov back from injury, and he helped the Kings’ 6-4 comeback win against Nashville with the game-tying and eventual game-winning goal. Their power play went 3-10 (I think) in that win, getting those 3 goals in the 2nd period. In the 3rd, they got their 3 goals (Frolov [2] and Sean Avery) in a span of 1:47. When they do score big in games, they get them from the unpredictable sources. I was amazed Frolov played in the game, let alone scoring 2 goals and being named the number one star.

    I don’t really consider Ryan Flinn’s and Jeff Cowan’s injuries significant, as Flinn has been gone since suffering a concussion in a game against Chicago back in mid-November. A couple days ago, Pavol Demitra had nasal surgery, but isn’t expected to play in any of the team’s games against Vancouver, Calgary, or Edmonton. Jeremy Roenick, according to ESPNEWS, is done for the season with a chipped bone in his left ankle, putting an end to a less-than-stellar performance. It will be interesting to see if he will be re-signed by the team or go elsewhere.

    Another thing: Vancouver is very thankful to be playing a team other than Edmonton. It felt like a playoff series to them, playing 3 straight games against the Oilers. I expect Henrik Sedin and Anson Carter to play well tonight, as well as Markus Naslund continuing his success against Los Angeles. This is the one game on the night that any hockey fan would pay attention to.

  10. At least 7 of 10! I dont take into account wins in OT or SO. I don’t know why, but a team with rank 3 cant beat a team with rank 5. It worked perfectly several times, e.g. CBJ/CGY, WSH/CAR, VAN/EDM, TOR/NJD. I’m +$19.17 after 17 days I started to betting $1 on single games. Of course, you can bet $10-20, than have extrapolated $300-600 per month. I have not much time (actually around half a hour) after work to read all this stuff about each game (I pay attention only to the final score), so, my algorithm really save my time.

  11. Either way whoever wins the LA/VAN game its going to be very close. I have a perfect ticket riding a Proline Hockey Pool as of now so im kinda routing for Vancouver. Either way this game was a tough one to call.

  12. ya its 5-3 Vancouver, but its not final yet. Lots of hockey to go..ive learned my lesson many times being happy way too soon. I wont get excited until its a final. Lots of hockey still to play.

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