Game Predictions – 3/17/2006

Just 4 games on the schedule tonight but all having playoff race importance. In the east you have the Islanders playing Florida and Philadelphia playing Tampa. Florida is out of playoff contention but the Islanders are chasing down seriously struggling Tampa for the final playoff spot. With the Islanders playing last night I like Florida’s chances to win and Philly-Tampa, who knows who will win. both have been struggling significantly recently. In the west Vancouver hopes to break out of a slump against Columbus while Anaheim takes on the lowly Blackhawks. I expect Anaheim will beat Chicago but Vancouver will have a bit tougher game against the Blue Jackets. But I think they will pull out a win as well.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Columbus Vancouver Vancouver Good
Tampa Bay Philadelphia Tampa Bay Some
Florida NY Islanders Florida Some
Chicago Anaheim Anaheim Good

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  1. hmm… Vancouver usually not good on road games, but then again against a team that wants a position in the playoffs maybe right choice.

  2. David, how do you rate these plays. Do you wager on all 4 tonight and vary the amount depending on whether they are listed as ‘some’ or ‘good’ or do you just wager on certain ones? Also which is considered a better or more solid pick: ‘some’ or ‘good’. (I’m assuming ‘good’)

  3. My program cranks cranks through an algorithm and then produces a number. Depending on that number I rate them as either a ‘strong’ confidence, ‘good’ confidence or ‘some’ confidence prediction. Strong is the one most likely to come true and usually only when a top ranked team plays one of the bottom ranked team. Some confidence predictions are when two closely ranked teams play each other and thus less likely to come true.

    I don’t regularly bet on the games right now. Before the Olympics I bet $5 on every game over a 2 week span and was up slightly. There are probably better betting strategies than that but I was just using the simplest one to test whether my predictions could be used to make money from. One thing you could try is only bet on games in which the winner I predict also have positive odds (i.e. not the favourite). This would severely limit how many games you would bet on but it might be interesting to see how well you did with it. Whatever you do I think it is probably best that you bet the same amount on every game and that you stick to well defined rules for betting. Once you start using flexible rules and let emotion enter the equation you will most certainly lose money.

  4. I have to disagree with David and his picks tonight. Doesn’t happen to often, but Im going to go on a limb tonight:

    Tonights picks:

    -COLUMBUS (playing very well at home in recent games, coming off a short 2 game road trip, and playing a struggling Vancouver team who can’t find the net as of late. The Canucks are a less than good road team…..Columbus at home is my pick tonight)

    -PHILADELPHIA (Philly has slipped in recent games, have lost all 3 meetings to the Lightning, Sean Burke is injured, Grahame is playing like an AHL back up goaltender in recent games, so I like Philly on the road in this one…may be tight all game)

    -NY ISLANDERS (DiPietro playing solid in goal for NYI lately, Islanders have been playing strong and climbing into the playoff race in the Eastern Conference and the NY Islanders are 20-8-1 after a loss and 4-2-0 on the 2nd night of a back to back game….for this reason I like the Islanders)

    -CHICAGO (Nikolai Khabibulin has been playing poorly in his last 3 starts posting a terrible 6.13 GAA and a .833 Save %…. just a hunch but Im taking the Blackhawks to have a strong game with Khabibulin due for a solid performance. Chicago is not playoff bound, but Im sure they would love to play spoilers to the Ducks who are trying to earn a berth. I like the home team in this one)

  5. I did go against what I said…I took philly on my prolines
    van florida and anahiem I did different combos with these games (three tickets) one ticket is van under florida under and anahiem under they are all 6.5 on proline…

    Like u said mr hockey I too don’t like tampa because of graheme tonight that why the change…

  6. Combos are a very good idea Mike L. I do combos on Pools all the time… $5 ticket and make aprox. 10 different tickets… anything can happen in the new NHL so combos is not a bad idea at all. Im reviewing the games now and thinking of what to bet on proline as well right now before game time.. the one real game that scares me is the VAN/CLB game…could go either way i think.. the rest I like PHI, NYI and CHI. I tend not to play over/under because I never have any luck in it…its pure guessing and its hard to put stats and trends into that equation. So for that reason I tend to stay away from Over/Under. Ive also leanred my lesson in not taking Plus 2 in Proline. Ive been screwed over time and time again where the team I thought would win did, but only by 1 goal thus ruining my ticket and a chance at winning money.

  7. I don’t know if I am allowed to metion a site I use to help make some game decisions? Dave if you don’t like the mentioning of other sites let me know and I won’t do it again… has an in depth analysis which I think others would enjoy to help make some picks? you just click on nhl and they have all the game day matchup stats…along with this site for good views I find it helps shape my mind on game day along with my own instincts as well lol anyway there you have it…thought i’d share that…

  8. Mike L…I dont play normal Proline often, I tend to stick to Pools, but when I do play Proline I try a system at times and Ive come close at several times, but havent hit it yet….here’s the idea Ive tried..tell me if you like it or not:

    I grab the Proline game sheet first thing Friday and study the games up until Monday…so it gives me aprox. 4 days of games to bet on before the new sheet comes out. On that sheet i study the close games and the games I believe may go into shotouts. I try to pick aprox 3 or 4 shotouts spread over the 4 day period. Something like 1 shotout Friday, maybe 2 saturday , and maybe 1 Monday. The odds are against me due to the fact its 4 shotouts, but its spread over 4 days which I feel gives me a slight advantage. Hittinf 4 shotouts over 4 days is much easier than hitting say 4 shotouts in one night, its unlikely. So if you think about it… 4 shotouts would pay something like 6.00 x 6.00 x 6.00 x 6.00 x your wager…if you bet $5 the possible total winnings could equal aprox. $6000 if not more. This season the closets ive come is hit 3/4 shotouts within 4 days… the only game I lost went to overtime. Some tickets Ive hit 0/4 correct with this idea and others ive done better. Like I said in the past, Im all about a large payday… bettting $5 on 4 shotouts and possibly winning over $6000 is really appealing to me. Its only 4 games…anythings possible.

  9. Just a note Mike L. you have to be quick and make your shotout picks early on Proline beacause once a certain amount of people have bet on a shotout for a game the odds max out and do not allow anymore shotout bets to be placed on that game. In case you didnt know. Also, you cant bet more than 4 shotouts on a ticket.

  10. they are good ideas …i like the big payouts also…I should try more often…instead of picking up the sheet on fridays you could also just go on the proline site…save you some time from going to get it…(you prob already knew that though?)

  11. hahaha ya Mike L. i do… Its my home page!!!! lol. i think you should definetley try this system maybe even once see how it goes… I lose proline often just like anyone else but I do hit occasionally so Im always up for trying something new. Im just about to go out and send in a ticket for $5 for 4 shotouts… here are my picks for that ticket…its just random games I feel MAY go into shotouts.

    #36 Anaheim @ Chicago SHOTOUT 6.00
    #38 Dallas @ San Jose SHOTOUT 6.00
    #44 Calgary @ Nashville SHOTOUT 6.00
    #49 NY Islanders @ Tampa Bay 6.00
    = 1296 odds
    x $5
    Possible winnings = $6480!!!

  12. Ya sure why not right… pick these games or pick your own..up to you…don’t quote me on anything tho cuz its just a long shot…than again…never know anythings possible.

  13. here is another thought for ya… take your 4 ties and box tickets with 3 ties on each ticket that way you can still win if you miss one game if they all hit you in 3 ties times lets say 3$ per ticket pays over 650 bucks a ticket. i like this style better then just the straight four just in case one misses…even 2 bucks would still pay enough…

  14. I dont understand what you mean Mike? I thought boxing games was only available on Proline Pools…not normal Proline.


    you just mix the 4 games each ticket with 3 games per ticket. until you have all combinations. one team will be left off each ticket..I think it adds up to ten tickets..

  16. Chicago/Anaheim didnt go into shotout as hoped. Did win $22 on a $3 bet on all favourites just in case. Tomarrow should be interesting.

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