Game Predictions – 3/14/2006

I had a good night with the predictions last night going 4 for 5 missing only the Tampa win over Montreal. We have 8 games on the schedule tonight. Here are a few worth watching closely.

Toronto-Boston – Toronto needs to win this game if they plan on staying in the playoff race because Thursday they begin a tough part of the schedule with 7 of 8 games on the road to finish the month oif March including games against Buffalo, NY Rangers, Carolina, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Pittsburgh and 2 against Montreal. Boston is a very mediocre team now with the trades they have made and are very beatable.

Ottawa-Tampa – There are a lot of teams hoping Ottawa will win this game and they should.

New Jersey-Ny Islanders – The prediction is for a Devils win but the Islanders have played the Devils tough this year going 5-1-1 against them. Should the Islanders and Toronto both win things would get very tight in the east with just 8 points separating 6th place New Jersey and 11th place Toronto with the Leafs and Islanders having a game in hand against the Devils.

Nashville-Vancouver – Vancouver has been slumping recently (1-4-1 in March) and that slump has put their playoff position in serious question. They are in tough against Nashville who was responsible for 2 of those losses in March but after playing last night pulling out a win will be a serious challenge for Vancouver.

Minnesota-Edmonton – Edmonton is having much the same problems as Vancouver and have lost 4 in a row (luckily two have come in OT though) iincluding a loss to Minnesota on Sunday. Minnesota’s playoff chances don’t look great and this is a must win if they want to keep them alive.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Washington Buffalo Buffalo Strong
Carolina NY Rangers Carolina Good
Toronto Boston Toronto Some
Ottawa Tampa Bay Ottawa Good
New Jersey NY Islanders New Jersey Some
Nashville Vancouver Nashville Some
Minnesota Edmonton Minnesota Some
Los Angeles Phoenix Phoenix Some

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  1. dave like all but van ed la all big games they need wins…

    Mr hockey how much do you spend on pools…I tried a few times… how many games do you usally box…? how much was your best payout for this?

    i play proline but i usally stick to 3 or four games…i make the most usally on football..although last year was tough in that …i like to take 3 teams drop 20$ pays around 60 to 100$

  2. DAVID quick question, which of the following games do u think will most likely go under..

    i need one more pick for my ticket tonight, i got BUF ml, BUF over 6.5, TOR/BOS under 6.5, and i need one more under, or a for sure win in ur eyes.. thanx

  3. tom
    I am not dave , but how about the nashville/van. game as under..? under is 4-1 and 1 in their last six games head to head.. here are a few stats on the game..

    VAN are 0-4-0 in their last 4 vs. Western.
    VAN are 0-4-0 in their last 4 games in March.
    VAN are 0-4-0 in their last 4 overall.

    Nashville: Under is 6-0-0 in NAS last 6 games in March.
    Under is 6-0-0 in NAS last 6 overall.
    Under is 6-0-0 in NAS last 6 vs. Western.

    Head to Head: Under is 4-1-1 in the last 6 meetings.

  4. tom another good game for under is

    New York: Under is 4-0-0 in NYI last 4 vs. Atlantic.
    NYI are 4-0-0 in their last 4 vs. Atlantic.
    NYI are 3-0-0 in their last 3 vs. Eastern.

    New Jersey: Under is 3-0-0 in NJ last 3 home games.
    NJ are 6-1-0 in their last 7 Tuesday games.
    Under is 17-4-4 in NJ last 25 vs. Atlantic.

    Head to Head: Under is 6-0-1 in the last 7 meetings.
    NYI are 3-0-0 in the last 3 meetings.

  5. Mike L…I play pools every single time there is one. I have a few systems. If its a night I feel a lot of upsets might happen I usually make aprox. 10 tickets at $5 each with a ton of different combunations. Problem is with no boxing games, I must hit perfect on all the games to win cash…which as we all know is easier said than done. On other nights I will spend $40 or even $80 and box out 3 or 4 games…Ive done it about 10 times this season. I have only hit a perfect ticket once this season which was 2 weeks ago and the payout was $600. On the other hand…Ive hand numerous and numerous tickets this season where I got 1 game wrong. One time i got the last 2 games wrong and both went into shotouts and I lost both games and lost out on $80,000!!!!! Just as easily if my teams won in shotout Id be singing a different tune. My advise Mike L is if you play pools and you like to box out games….box out the easiest game on the ticket as it appears …for example… Pittsburgh@Ottawa. I find its the games you dont think twice about that end up sticking you in the end. If Pittsburgh wins, you have a huge advantage on that ticket already cuz many people probably didnt take Pittsburgh. Understand?? So you covered either way. The more upsets that happen..the more the ticket pays out. I tend to bet underdogs whether I feel they will win or not… Im all about a huge payday!!!!! why not right. Hope ive helped you out a bit Mike L 🙂

  6. I play Proline Football Pools all the time as well…I find football is a lot easier to win on due to the fact statistacally not many upsets occur on a week to week basis. Out of like 15 or 16 games on a Sunday/Monday…like 3 or 4 upsets will happen as where hockey, upsets occur all the time which makes it so difficult to predict. I play Football Pools with close friends (usually 4 of us), we hit 1 Pool November 27th… 14 of 14 correct..paid out $14,000 and 25 people hit perfect that ticket. $14,000 split 4 ways was aprox $3500. I play point spread also…best winning there was $1500 four years ago…nothing since. I play proline alot but at the same time I try to maximize my odds and chances of winning as much as possible…its tough, but I enjoy it. Good luck to you Mike L…hope you hit a massive payout real soon.

    PS: If you are going to do a Pool for hockey…i recommend you dont share your picks on here just in case someone uses the exact same picks and you hit perfect…youd have to share the winnings than lol…the less people who win…the more you make 🙂 enjoy

    -New York Islanders
    -Los Angeles

  7. Sorry a few changes to my picks for 2night before gametime:

    -NY Islanders

  8. New Jersey over NY Islanders
    Ottawa over Tampa Bay
    Nashville over Nashville
    Los Angeles over Phoenix
    NY Rangers over Carolina
    Buffalo over Washington
    Boston over Toronto
    Minnesota over Edmonton

  9. I’de bet on the Car/NYR as being an under game. The Rangers haven’t been scoring much lately.

  10. I don’t see how you could go with Phoenix over LA.

    Los Angeles:
    6-2-0 in last 8 games
    3-1-2 against Phoenix this year
    3-0-0 against Phoenix at home this year

    2-7-1 in last 10 games
    3-3-0 against Los Angeles this year
    0-3-0 against Los Angeles on the road this year

    Plus, the betting lines are in Los Angeles’ favor, with LA being set to -200 over Phoenix’s +170.

  11. dave here is some info for ya on car/nyr game / you might already know this…

    New York: Under is 5-0-0 in NYR last 5 vs. Southeast.
    NYR are 0-5-0 in their last 5 vs. Eastern.
    Under is 5-0-0 in NYR last 5 games in March.

    Carolina: CAR are 7-0-0 in their last 7 Tuesday games.
    CAR are 0-3-0 in their last 3 games in March.
    Over is 6-1-1 in CAR last 8 Tuesday games.

    Head to Head: Under is 5-1-1 in the last 7 meetings in Carolina.
    NYR are 1-4-0 in the last 5 meetings

  12. David I took Phoenix as well…heres my reasoning:

    LA 22-20-4 on weekdays
    LA 5-4-1 on 0 days rest (back to back game on 2nd night)
    LA lost last night
    LA 25th ranked Power Play
    LA 26th ranked Penalty Kill
    LA up season series 3-2
    Home team has won all the games so far this year… I feel that trend wont continue all season…hopefully ends tonight
    LA Injuries: Bure, Demitra, Flinn, Frolov, and Sopel

    To me, all signs point at upset. Im hoping a strong game from Curtis Joseph. Phoenix has been fairly .500 all season. Theyve won many games they were expected to lose and have lost many games they have been expected to win.

    One good stat in LA’s favour tho… 15-8-1 after a loss… but they are on a 1 game losing streak and playing back to back. Phoenix has lost 3 striaght so I feel maybe Phoenix is due for a win..why not right?

  13. Damnit!!! its 8pm now and Washington is up 3-1!!!! I knew it but i took Buffalo last second, I boxed Boston-Toronto and NYR – Carolina…chose the wrong game once again…why why why? (hits himself over head) hopefully they come back

  14. I am not saying Phoenix can’t beat the Kings. All I am saying is that the Kings have the edge head to head. Both teams have won 3 games each, but each team was won all their home games.

    Los Angeles:
    3-0-0 at Home
    0-1-2 in Phoenix

    3-0-0 at Home
    0-3-0 in Los Angeles

    I have to admit I am surprised that the betting lines I have posted Los Angeles (-200) to beat Phoenix (+170). Also, the Kings have been doing well recently, going 6-2 since a season-high 7 game losing streak. However, they have wins against Chicago, Minnesota, Columbus, Minnesota again, and St. Louis in those 6 wins, with the only respectable win coming in that 6-5 comeback win against Dallas back on Feb. 12. Another thing is that their wins against Chicago, Minnesota (2nd time), and St. Louis have all been in overtime.

    Injuries suffered by Bure, Flinn, and Sopel aren’t really indicators of their recent performance. Bure hasn’t played all year, Sopel is day-to-day, but hasn’t played in the teams 2 games since being traded from NY Islanders, and Flinn hasn’t even skated since suffering a concussion with Chicago’s Jim Vandemeer back on Nov. 26. The Kings have recently gotten good play from Luc Robitaille, Jeremy Roenick, Michael Camalleri, Joe Corvo, and even Mark Parrish, who got his first goal with the team Saturday against St. Louis. Without Pavol Demitra and Alexander Frolov, those guys need to step up.

    Mattias Norstrom has sat out the past week with a “stomach flu”, so Joe Corvo and Lubomir Visnovski need to step up. I have been a fan of the team my whole life and haven’t seen anything like what has happened to them in the past 3 seasons. In 03-04, they set the all-time unofficial NHL record for man-games lost to injury with an unbelievable 568 something. Of course, not having Adam Deadmarsh and Jason Allison for the entire season hurt that stat, while not having Zigmund Palffy for the 2nd half wasn’t beneficial.

    Remember what happened in 00-01 before they had 3 of the top 5 slots in man-games lost to injury? They, the 7th seed, knocked off the 2nd seed and highly-favoured Detroit Red Wings. In that series, Detroit won the first two games at home 5-3 and 4-0. When the series came to LA, the Kings won the next two 2-1 and 4-3 (OT) to tie the series. They won the next game in Hockeytown 3-2 before clinching the series with a 3-2 (OT) win. In short, they went from down 0-2 to knock off the favourites with 4 straight wins. Granted, they would lose in 7 games to the President’s Trophy winner Colorado, a series which I believed had the most 0 goal efforts with 4 shutouts in the series.

    One final thing un-hockey related. Am I the only regular-user NOT from Canada? I noticed mostly everybody is north of the border.

  15. Yup Im from Canada, Toronto actually. Huge Leaf fan! Excited we won tonight…great performance from Sundin. This is an extremley entertaining website. Respect to David Johnson. We all come and blog about hockey, your views, your opinion, your picks, hockey arguments, and so on. Everyone on this site knows a lot about hockey and its alot more fun speaking with game educated fans. You should definetly stick around and join the group.

    Going back to your LA favourite to win over Phoenix…its 1am now and its 6-1 Phoenix late in the 3rd period. Safe to say they won. They were due.

    Speaking of Proline earlier on today above…I hit perfect on my picks above as you can see. I have won a large amount on Proline tonight and hit Proline Pools perfect as well. Congrats to any Ontario dwellers from this site who played the same on Proline or others. That one was for you Mike L.

  16. Yeah, they eventually won 6-2! The highlights of the night were late in the 2nd period and late in the 3rd. It was 4-1 and Jeff Cowan knocked I believe it was Mike Ricci in to the glass. The entire pain came loose and flew into the crowd. In the 3rd period, there was a weird series of altercations in which Sean Avery chased Ballard all around the rink before the linesman broke it up. Trying to add a little entertainment on a game that was 6-1 at the time. On a plus side, Luc Robitaille scored! But Pavol Demitra got injured again, but isn’t going to miss any time with this injury.

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