Game Predictions – 3/12/2006

Short on time again this morning but I should be back to normal tomorrow and provide more analysis. The interesting game to watch in my mind is Atlanta vs NY Rangers. A win for Atlanta and they will be putting themselves within 2 points of Tampa.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Washington Ottawa Ottawa Strong
Colorado Calgary Colorado Some
Buffalo Boston Buffalo Strong
NY Rangers Atlanta Atlanta Some
Chicago Detroit Detroit Strong
Minnesota Edmonton Minnesota Some
Pittsburgh Philadelphia Philadelphia Good
Anaheim Phoenix Anaheim Some

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  1. Obviously, Pittsburgh helped out David yesterday, so hopefully they will be kind to me as well.

    Strong: Buffalo
    Good: Ottawa, Calgary, Detroit, Minnesota, Anaheim
    Some: Atlanta, Pittsburgh

  2. Since Friday, I have been going through every team’s schedules on and have developed a formula to calculate which team has had the hardest schedule so far, which team has the hardest schedule for the rest of the season, and who has the hardest overall schedule from start to finish.

    Toughest Schedule SINCE 10/5/2005
    1. Edmonton
    2. Phoenix
    3. Pittsburgh
    4. Chicago
    5. Columbus
    6. NY Islanders
    7. Vancouver
    8. Minnesota
    9. Washington
    10. Montreal
    11. St. Louis
    12. Toronto
    13. Colorado
    14. Florida
    15. Boston
    16. San Jose
    17. Calgary
    18. Los Angeles
    19. Dallas
    20. Nashville
    21. Anaheim
    22. New Jersey
    23. Detroit
    24. Atlanta
    25. Tampa Bay
    26. Philadelphia
    27. NY Rangers
    28. Buffalo
    29. Ottawa
    30. Carolina

    Toughest Schedule for Remaining Games
    1. Minnesota
    2. Anaheim
    3. Vancouver
    4. Boston
    5. Calgary
    6. Los Angeles
    7. Edmonton
    8. New Jersey
    9. St. Louis
    10. Washington
    11. Toronto
    12. Phoenix
    13. Buffalo
    14. Colorado
    15. Ottawa
    16. San Jose
    17. Chicago
    18. Columbus
    19. NY Rangers
    20. Atlanta
    21. Dallas
    22. Philadelphia
    23. Tampa Bay
    24. Detroit
    25. NY Islanders
    26. Florida
    27. Pittsburgh
    28. Carolina
    29. Montreal
    30. Nashville

    Toughest Schedule for all 82 games
    1. Vancouver
    2. Edmonton
    3. Minnesota
    4. Phoenix
    5. Chicago
    6. Columbus
    7. St. Louis
    8. Boston
    9. NY Islanders
    10. Pittsburgh
    11. Calgary
    12. Colorado
    13. Los Angeles
    14. Anaheim
    15. San Jose
    16. Florida
    17. Washington
    18. Montreal
    19. New Jersey
    20. Dallas
    21. Toronto
    22. Atlanta
    23. Detroit
    24. Nashville
    25. Tampa Bay
    26. Buffalo
    27. Ottawa
    28. NY Rangers
    29. Philadelphia
    30. Carolina

    In case you were wondering, I gave each team 1 point for every game they played against a team who is ranked 1-10 in my power rankings, .5 points for a team ranked 11-20, and 0 points for a team ranked in the bottom 10. This explains why Carolina is in the bottom 3 in every single category. 8 games against Florida (25th), 8 games against Washington (28th), and 4 games against Tampa Bay (13th) and Atlanta (19th). The only teams ranked #1-10 they play 4 games against are Ottawa, Buffalo, NY Rangers, and Philadelphia.

    The playoff-bound teams with the hardest schedules are Vancouver, Calgary, Los Angeles, Edmonton, Toronto, and Colorado. Anaheim, Minnesota, and Boston, 3 of the 4 hardest schedules until April 18, are looking for that 8th seed, but have a lot of work to do.

  3. Well, if you can believe, I´m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!
    Hot, hot, hot!

    But my love for hockey has no size!
    And my team is Pittsburgh…going bad this season, and good predictions David made last night. Thanks!

    My predictions for today are:

    NY Rangers

    See you all!

  4. Went 6-6 last night guessing on this site…todays picks:

    -NY Rangers

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