Game Predictions – 3/11/2006

We have a really full schedule today with a total of 12 games being played, some with significant playoff position importance. Unfortunately I have no time this morning for analysis so you’ll have to do your own analysis.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Philadelphia Buffalo Buffalo Some
San Jose Nashville San Jose Some
Boston NY Islanders Boston Some
Toronto Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Some
Montreal NY Rangers Montreal Some
Columbus Edmonton Edmonton Good
Pittsburgh New Jersey Pittsburgh Some
Florida Carolina Carolina Good
Detroit Chicago Detroit Strong
St. Louis Los Angeles Los Angeles Some
Phoenix Anaheim Phoenix Some
Vancouver Dallas Vancouver Some

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  1. I had such a hard time with my predictions, which I made last night. I hope to get either 7 or 8 correct. Like David, I have no time for analysis, so make up your own. Also, the Isles did win yesterday, so the pick-the-home-team plan worked out on that one game.

    Strong: Detroit
    Good: New Jersey, Los Angeles
    Some: Buffalo, Nashville, NY Islanders, NY Rangers, Edmonton, Tampa Bay, Carolina, Phoenix, Vancouver, NO MORE!!!!!

    Pretty good matchups today, including Dallas/Vancouver, Nashville/San Jose, and Buffalo/Philadelphia. The Carolina/Florida prediction was hard as they play their 2nd game in 2 nights against each other, both in Florida, where the home team won last night. It will be interesting to see how each time responds to the 5-2 victory (or defeat for Carolina) last night.

    Another thing, David. I would like to know how your algorithm formula predicted Pittsburgh, who just lost Mark Recchi, to beat New Jersey, the only team I think to not be involved in ANY trade all year at any level (NHL, AHL, ECHL). To me, New Jersey has this one already won, but maybe your computer knows something I don’t.

  2. Kind of surprising isn’t it but that is what the algorithm spit out. I think it has to do with New Jersey playing on back to back nights and on the road. It doesn’t seem like a likely outcome now that Recchi is gone but you never know. Maybe the young players will finally step up and take more of a leadership role and play with more energy rather than defer to some of the veterens (who are mostly no longer there).

  3. I probably wouldn’t predict a Penguins win especially with Recchi gone and I really like what the Devils did at the trade deadline. They will be a contender to come out of the east now that they have stabalized their blue line.

  4. Went 4/5 last night with my picks. Only getting the Toronto/Islanders game wrong and it went to shotout…anyone could of won. I have a bit of a system with my picks usually… I look at streaks and trends more than anything else. Statistcally 1 out of 3 road teams win, and home teams always have an advantage in my books.

    Todays picks:
    -Philadelphia(going to be a tight game..maybe shotout)
    -San Jose (Nashville playing terrible on the road as of late)
    -Toronto (Home team has won all 3 games this season….Leafs are 9-4-1 on 2nd night of back to back games, and are 12-6-0 1st game back at home, and in a must win situation and playing well as of late)
    -NY Rangers (NYR are on a 3 game losing streak, NYR are 17-10-4 on the road and Montreal has been playing too well as of late if you ask me)
    -Boston (NY Islanders are 8-17-3 after a win. Bruins have lost 3 in a row. That streak ends tonight. Thomas will have a stellar performance)
    -Pittsburgh( Pens are due for a win, their at home as well. NJ is 12-14-5 on the road and NJ is 3-8-1 on the 2nd night of a back to back game.)
    -Carolina (I took Florida last night to win and they did…Carolina will split the home/home series tonight)
    -Detroit (wings are 5-0 vs Hawks this season…that will continue)
    -Los Angeles (Blues have been too good as of late and especially at home…they are due for a loss. Blues are 1-11-2 on the 2nd night of back to back games)
    -Phoenix (Anaheim is 4-1 vs Phoenix this season. Phoenix has home ice advantage, so I give them the edge.. I expect a great performance from CuJo)
    -Dallas (Stars are 20-9-2 on the road….Canucks are plauged with injuries…advantage Stars)

  5. You gotta predict upsets sometimes. Yeah, it may be an outlandish prediction, but it would be a good bet, since if Pittsburgh wins, you win big.

  6. I will say Nj to win here…jsut because of marty…when he’s on he’s on…I think he will pick it up coming down the stretch…
    buffalo ( they are tied 5 ot 5 when I am writing this.)
    st.louis they are still palying well…

  7. i love this site. smart posters
    i got a 5 buck proline tic today for a change, just for fun.

    St. Louis blues are 6-2 in the last eight meetings
    well just for the fun part…… pitts

  8. Gotta bet upsets at times. I had 8 Proline Pools tonight… Pittsburgh on all 8 tickets. Best ticket was 9/10, only getting Florida wrong on that one. It might pay out…I’ll find out tomarrow morning…I doubt it tho. Way too many difficult upsets to predict tonight. It happens.

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