NHL Predictions – 3/10/2006

I had a pretty good night on the predictions last night going 6 for 8 and only getting Columbus’s win over Phoenix and Nashville’s overtime win over Vancouver wrong. I’ll accept that. We have 5 games on the schedule tonight and while none are head to head battles for the playoffs a couple feature teams with playoff hopes. The most interesting game has to be Ottawa at Atlanta. Ottawa is the predicted winner according to my prediction algorithm but if i had to bet I would probably go with Atlanta in this game. Atlanta has won 4 of 5 since the Olympis and six of their last 7. They have also beaten Ottawa twice already this year, an 8-3 thrashing of the Sens in January and a 2-1 win in a tight games in February. Ray Emery was in net for that 8-3 trouncing which he probably had nightmares about for weeks. This could be another tough night for Emery, especially if Ottawa’s defense plays like they did in the Florida game on Wednesday. Atlanta is just 3 points out of a playoff spot so has everything to play for and will have a good chance to win this game.

The other game with potential playoff race impact is the Toronto-NY Islanders game. Despite Toronto’s recent woes Toronto clearly has to be the favourite to win this game as the Islanders just had their firesale getting rid of Parrish, Kvasha, Sopel and Lukowich. If Toronto can’t win this game they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs. If they win, their hopes remain alive for another day.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Florida Carolina Carolina Good
NY Islanders Toronto Toronto Some
Washington New Jersey New Jersey Some
Atlanta Ottawa Ottawa Good
St. Louis Minnesota Minnesota Good

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  1. Sorry, but I noticed a couple of things. On my computer, the font for your predictions is smaller than normal, don’t know if that is on yours also. Also, your predictions don’t include the Carolina @ Florida game. Just so you know.

    Anyway, I went 6 for 8 last night, also, missing out on Detroit’s win over LA and Colorado’s win over Chicago. Overall, I increased my betting balance to $115.30. YEAH! Back over the $100 mark. Today, with 5 games tonight (including Carolina/Florida), I would like to get 3 of my predictions correct. It will be hard, as I struggled with my Toronto/NY Islanders Minnesota/St. Louis predictions. Usually, when that happens, I end up picking the loser. We’ll see what happens tonight.

    Strong: None
    Good: Ottawa, New Jersey, Carolina
    Some: NY Islanders, Minnesota

  2. kevin you think N.Y.I ? after the trades?

    I like all dave’s picks today

    the only game that scares me is the ottawa / atlanta but I will also go with ottawa.


  3. No, I am not a hockey analyst but if anyone wanted to pay me to be one I would certainly accept that job. I am just a fan who loves hockey and who tries to view hockey with as little bias as possible.

  4. David, you post a lot of topics on the Maple Leafs and give your views and so forth…..that’s being bias. Everyone does it.

    The NY Islanders are 7-20-1 after they win a game, so they will lose tonight against a determined Toronto club. I’ll take the Blues in an upset over Minnesota. I’ll also take Florida tonight in an upset in the 1st of 2 vs Carolina. I dont see every road team winning tonight..that rarely happens. I like to give close games to the home team.

    Tonight’s picks:

    -New Jersey

  5. correction on my above comment……

    NY Islanders are 7-17-3 after a win and 20-8-1 after a loss. These stats and trends cannot be ignored. Leafs over the Islanders tonight.

  6. I am a Leaf fan and I watch and follow the Leafs more intently than any other team. As a result I am more in tune with what is happening around them and thus naturally make more posts regarding them. I guess you could say I am more passionate about the Leafs. I am not as passionate about the Chicago Blackhawks so I don’t get the itch to write about them as much. But I could if the urge came to me or someone asked my opinion on them.

    So, I guess that means I have a bit of bias in the subject of the posts I make. But I hope I don’t have as much bias in the content of the post as some other people do.

  7. Mr.Hockey
    there seems to be some sarcasim or bitterness in alot of your post. You should try and have a bit more fun without thinking everyones opinion is against you and your world.
    take it in stride and try to respect what others have to say.
    I certainly respect your thoughts and your opinions. It looks like your waiting for any oportunity to pounce…we all love hockey that’s obvious. I hope T.O makes it in really but at the same time with the games at hand and being that they are behind at the moment I think they have an up hill climb to do so. But it is possible…I would much rather see another canadian team make it in even though I am a habs fan…So I wish you and T.O best of luck in doing so..


  8. Mike L…..theres no bitterness or sarcasim in my posts. I simply stated a fact to David saying that he does post a lot of Leaf threads, which i read. Whether I agree or disagree with anyones point of view doesnt make me bitter or sarcastic. This is a hockey thread site, opinions from everyone is welcomed. Whether everyone is against me or my world as you say couldnt bother me any less. I have my views and I stick to them. You have your views, you stick to them as well. Different opinons is what makes this site good.

  9. Going back to what i said tho a second ago…David does write a lot of Leaf threads which i read and yes they are bias. Thats normal tho. Its almost impossible not to be bias, especially concerning one’s favourite sport team. What i said was nothing negative nor was it meant in a bad way..i just clearly stated a fact that yes, David’s posts can be bias. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that. Im bias also… especially when it comes to the NHL and my favourite team…the Toronto Maple Leafs. I love comments like the last one you made Mike L. Keep the opinions and critisim coming…i love it 🙂 makes for a better site.
    Good site David.

  10. I think David is doing an excellent job. He is simply a Leafs fan, and who better than a Toronto Maple Leaf fan to write about them? It is easier to write about a team that you follow often. I am a Los Angeles Kings fan, so will often write about them because I know a lot more about them than the Pittsburgh Penguins, for instance. Plus, if he wanted, he could write an analysis about any other team. Also, if you don’t like what he is writing, you don’t have to read it or log onto this thread. If he says that Toronto is the best team and that LA is the worst, I would read it to see his reasoning.

    I think I have to point out one more thing. If you, Mr. Hockey, are a Leafs fan, why are you criticizing somebody who is giving so much in-depth analysis on them? Maybe you aren’t a fan of your team as much as you think you are. Maybe you should try writing about them and compare your views with Davids.

    Mike L., the reason I picked NY Islanders to win is because I would’ve taken them if they still had Mark Parrish to be honest. Because of all the trades they made, I basically had a coin flip. Whenever I am undecided, I will often go with the home team, the Isles in this case.

  11. no problem Kevin, I understand.

    Mr.Hockey no problem also..lol the one thing you may inaccurate with my any way is I don’t neccessarily stick to my opinion. I come on sites like this to express my opinion with others and also to gain knoledge or a different point of view or different outlook on a situation…If someone can offer some advice or their analysis is more clear then mine I will take that advice and chnage my opinion on the subject…I don’t know everything and that’s is a good reason to debate some issues to weigh if your opinion has merit or not…then make a good decision on what opinion is more accurate…and if I have to change mine that’s fine..I think Dave is a clear T.O fan with an open mind though it isn’t just team that’s is going to kill everyone else’s team he has an open mind about it and weighs his thoughts realitically…we all know they have a rough round ahead of them. and I wish them luck again.

    the only thing I am trying to say is have a little fun with it that’s all.

    Dave I love your site and your stats, your input on issues and your picks keep up the good work…


  12. Thanks for all the positive comments guys. I appreciate it and I am glad you enjoy this site.

    Let me also say that I never took Mr. Hockey’s comments in a negative manner. And even if he, or anyone else, didn’t like my site I don’t really care. I do this site for me and for those who do enjoy it.

    Finally, I want to thank all the regular posters for keeping all the discussion high brow and above the belt. Too often online discussion forums become people bashing forums. I like the fact that there are a lot of knowledgeable hockey fans participating in this site and you all add a lot to the discussion. Thanks.

  13. No problem. Is this the first season you have done this forum? I am just glad that there are still so many fans of hockey after the lockout last year. In your original post, David, you said “If Toronto can’t win this game they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs. If they win, their hopes remain alive for another day.” They lost in a shootout to a team that has a completely different look because of all the trades they made. With everyone on the team getting acquainted with one another and playing together for the first time, their playing was unpredictable. I think Toronto did a good job against them last night and think they could still make the playoffs, although the odds are definitely against them. 20 games left (approx.) until the April playoffs, and many surprises are sure to come.

    Meanwhile, Colorado traded away their goalie Aebischier, lost Marek Svatos for the season, and are in the playoffs right now, but hanging on a thread. They really have to pull it together, which means Budaj has do have good goaltending, Sakic has to score, and everybody else on the team has to do whatever job they are getting paid to do. It would be interesting to see which of their free agents will actually stay with the team for the 06-07 season.

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