Trade: Roloson to Edmonton

The first significant trade has been made. Dwayne Roloson has been traded by Minnesota to Edmonton for a first round pick and a conditional pick. This is a good deal for both teams. Minnesota has committed to Fernandez as their goalie for the next several years so Roloson was expendable and getting a first round pick will help them to continue to build out their team. The deal is good for Edmonton as well. Edmonton is a Stanley Cup contender but not with the goaltending they had. Roloson has never been a true #1 goalie in his career but in sharing duties with Fernandez Minnesota over the past few years he has shown to be a very very good goalie. This is a significant improvement for Edmonton and has filled their only glaring hole in their lineup. This doesn’t make Edmonton an elite Cup contender but it certainly give them an opportunity to make a run in the playoffs which they wouldn’t have otherwise.

What this does mean is that you can forget about Belfour being traded to Edmonton. That probably means that Belfour isn’t going anywhere as Edmonton was one of the few teams that needed a goalie and could ahve absorbed Belfours salary under the cap. That said, anything is possible and Vancouver and Los Angeles, both possibly in need of goalie help, might be getting antsy seeing Edmonton improve themselves.

In other news, Boston has claimed Mariusz Czerkawski off waivers from Toronto. This is a good, no risk pickup for Boston and I was dissapointed the Leafs didn’t give Czerkawski much of a chance to prove himself.

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  1. Roloson is a 36 year old washout. He was having a subpar season in Minnesota. Now, Edmonton is stuck with 4 VERY average goaltenders.

  2. Roloson is a sigificant improvement. Don’t look at his won/loss record because that isn’t a true indication of a goalies play. Goals against average isn’t the best stat either. Both of those are team dependent. The least team dependent in save percentage and Roloson has a huge advantage over the goalies Edmonton has used so far this year.

    Roloson 3.00gaa, .910sv%
    Markkanen 3.13gaa, .880 sv%
    Morrison 2.83gaa, .884sv%
    Conklin 2.85gaa, .870 sv%

    Also Mike Morrison has been put on waivers so isn’t going to be on the team much longer. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the other two are waived, demoted or traded. Roloson is their guy now.

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