Parrish, Sopel, Theodore, Richardson traded

A couple more trades have occurred over the last couple hours:

1. Luke Richardson to Toronto for 5th round pick and conditional 4th round pick

2. Sharks get Nieminen from Rangers for a 3rd round pick.

3. Mark Parrish and Brent Sopel to L.A. Kings for Denis Grebeshkov and Jeff Tambellini and conditional 3rd round pick

4. Montreal trades Jose Theodore to Colorado for David Aebischer

At this point in his career Luke Richardson isn’t much more than a 5th/6th or depth defenseman but what this deal might be is a precursor to another in which Klee, Berg or Khavanov get moved with Klee being the most likely.

Nieminen is a role player and a 3rd line type of guy. He’s nothing special but every team needs guys like this for depth and penalty killing. This might be a precursor to the trading of Alyn MacAuley who is rumoured to be on the block because he is the Sharks only soon to be UFA. MacAuley provides more offense than Nieminen but plays a similar 2-way, penalty killing role.

The Islanders picked up a couple of pretty good prospects in Grebeshkov and Tambellini but it cost them two pretty good players off of their roster and that is going to hurt and chance they had of getting back in the playoff race. Parrish is a goal scorer with 24 goals and 41 points so far this year and will add some much needed offense to the Kings lineup which was too dependent on Demitra who was severely missed when injured. Parrish is unrestricted free agent at seasons end. Brent Sopel is a solid defenseman as well and will certainly help the Kings especially on the power play with his good shot. Sopel is signed through next season so it gives the Kings some stability on defense going forward. This trade should help the Kings maintain a playoff position but I am still not sold on their goaltending. But you never know, maybe this too is a precursor to another deal. There were rumours of the Kings going after Luongo. Maybe this deal allows them to include a Sopel, Tim Gleason or Joe Corvo in a package for Luongo.

I don’t like the Theodore trade from a Colorado point of view, especially for this season. Theodore just hasn’t been very good this year and is currently injured. He also has a pretty hefty contract taking away some salary cap flexibility for several more years. That said, if Theodore can return to form of a few years ago this could work out well. They have had some luck with former Montreal goalies in the past so who knows. Maybe the change of scenery will do Theodore good. As for Montreal Theodore had worn out his welcome and as good as Huet has been he just isn’t going to cut it. Aebischer has suffered some inconsistancy issues but he is still relatively young with this being only his second season in the NHL as a starter. Most importantly for Montreal is they rid themselves of a hefty contract on a guy who had become a bit of a side show and a distraction for the team.

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  1. At 5:02 PST, I turned to ESPNEWS to find out that Jose Theodore was traded to Colorado. When I first heard this, I thought it was to help out David Aebischier. When I came here at 5:04 PST, I found out that he was the one who got sent to Canada. Notice how, a while back, Montreal traded Patrick Roy to Colorado? Once again, big name goaltenders have swapped between Montreal and Colorado.

    Mark Parrish and Brett Sopel were traded to Los Angeles in exchange for Denis Grebeshkov (an AHL all-star), Jeff Tambelleni (a good prospect) and a draft pick. You said that perhaps this deal could help the Kings get Luongo. I think I should say one thing about this. Andy Murray was quoted in the Los Angeles Times as saying “More pucks are hitting him than are going behind him right now. He will be our goaltender after Thursday”. The reason I bring this up is because Mathieu Garon, who also stated that he had no knowledge of being involved in trade rumors until Saturday, has been included in this trade. I think that if Luongo is going to move to Los Angeles, the Kings would NEED to give up their number-one goaltender, which I don’t think Andy Murray or Dave Taylor, the general manager, would opt to do. Both Luongo and Olli Jokinen are restricted free agents after the years end, and I don’t expect either of them to remain on the team. However, in Tuesday’s paper, it was said that Luongo’s standing on the team corrolates to whether or not Jokinen is resigned. Therefore, expect for both of them to go or both of them to stay. But if they do get resigned, I don’t expect them to agree to a multi-year contract.

  2. Awesome trade for montreal….for all the right reasons…huet needs a break…

    they need to pull off a few more deals though to have a chance at getting by first round…

  3. I should have added that a Luongo trade to Los Angeles doesn’t have to happen tomorrow. It could, and probably more likely, would happen in the off season.

    If the Kings are getting Luongo they wouldn’t have a problem giving up Garon. Garon isn’t in the same class as Luongo. Luongo is a star goalie while Garon is just a good one, and maybe not even that. It’s like comparing a Ferarri to a Honda Accord. The Accord (Garon) is a good car, gets you places and drives nicely but there are a lot of Accord type cars out there. The Ferarri (Luongo) is almost in a class on its own.

    Also, Jokinen is unrestricted after this season while Luongo is restricted. These two will only stay in Florida (or anywhere for that matter) if they sign multi-year contracts. For both these guys their next contract will be in the 3-5 year range.

  4. Honestly, I have to admit, I would never compare cars to hockey players. Also, do you think any other goalies will get shipped out before tomorrow’s deadline, such as Martin Biron?

  5. I don’t think Biron will be traded. Noronen is the guy more likely to go from Buffalo. CuJo could also be traded. Those are the two most likely guys. I’m not sure any other big name goalies will get moved although there are teams still looking for help in goal so you never know.

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