Game Predictions – 3/7/2006

Last night was a pretty good night for game predictions going 4 for 5 and only missing out on the Washington win. We have 11 games on the schedule tonight and I am aiming for at least 7 correct. There are some pretty important games to.

Toronto/Montreal – Despite what Pat Quinn says the Leafs are in dire straits to make the playoffs now but a loss tonight would all but eliminate them as they would fall a full 10 points out of the playoffs. Whiel that doesn’t mathemeatically eliminate you the chances of making that up and climbing over a couple other teams as well is pretty slim.

Minnesota/Los Angeles – Minnesota finds themselves in a position not all that different from Toronto as they trail 7th place Los Angeles by 8 points and 8th place Edmonton by 7 points. A win tonight would go a long way to keeping them in the playoff race. A loss and things don’t look so good.

Anaheim/San Jose – Both of these teams sit just out of the playoffs. Anaheim is 4 points behind Edmonton while San Jose is 8 back. Both teams are going to fight hard for the 2 points.

Dallas/Edmonton – The 4 teams playing in the above 2 games are all going to be cheering hard for a Dallas win. Edmonton wants the win to keep some space between them and the 3 teams chasing them and in Minnesota won then leap frogging over Los Angeles into 7th wouldn’t be a bad thing either.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Buffalo Boston Buffalo Good
NY Islanders New Jersey New Jersey Some
Columbus Chicago Columbus Some
Toronto Montreal Toronto Some
Pittsburgh Tampa Bay Pittsburgh Some
Detroit Phoenix Detroit Good
St. Louis Colorado Colorado Strong
Minnesota Los Angeles Minnesota Some
Calgary Nashville Calgary Good
Edmonton Dallas Dallas Some
Anaheim San Jose Anaheim Some

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  1. Nice solid picks today dave..

    the only 2 different i like is I like tampa over pitts…even though they are playing bad they have to pick it up to make the play offs…what better team to start against..

    the other is st.louis over colorado. st.louis is hot and at home …why not? there is some stat out there that goes they haven’t lost since jan or something like that…they won 7 of their last 10 since trading doug weight..

    but i like the rest of your picks…

  2. Terrible night last night going 1/5. I had no money riding on any of the games so I dont mind taking long shots once in a while. 11 games on the schedule tonight. Should be a tough one. Both David and Mike have chosen 2 underdogs out of 11 to win, I think I might go with a few more, but im not sure where. I’ll Start with the Islanders. The Islanders are 19-8-1 in games after a loss….I love this stat. They are 3-2 vs the Devils this season and 2-2 on 2nd nights of a back to back game, and for that reason Im taking the Islanders. Edmonton to win is my 2nd underdog to win. Nashville is 2-0 vs Calgary this year. Id like to take Nashville but I think Calgary will pull this one out. LA vs Minnesota is a toss up…im taking Minnesota. They are in need of a win to stay in the playoff hunt, so I think they as well will pull it out.

    Tonight’s picks:

    -NY Islanders
    -Tampa Bay

  3. BOL David!!!Suprised Det is just a some rating with the whoopin’s they gave Phx but I like it!!

  4. i like all fav’s but picking the Islanders and Edmonton for my doggies. i see toss up Toronto/ Montreal, Minnesota/Los Angeles and Anaheim /San Jose.

    picks are

    NY Islanders
    Tampa Bay

    gl guys

  5. If you live in the LA area, you would have different opinions on the Dallas/Edmonton game. You might want Edmonton to win to remain closer to Dallas or you would want Dallas to win, thus keeping the Kings in 7th and in position to play Dallas in the 1st round, who LA was owned, going 5-1 in 6 meetings this year. Personally, I am undecided on who I want to win this game, but still posted my predictions.

    Yesterday, I picked up a solid $.99 from betting, putting me at $131.29 overall. Oh well, at least I made SOME profit yesterday. I would like to try to get up to $175.00 at least by late March, possibly $200.00 by the end of the regular season.

    Also, I have recently had internet connection problems (unrelated to the server in any way), so occasionally I won’t be able to post my predictions, but will still keep track of my success rates.

    Strong: None
    Good: Columbus, Buffalo, Detroit, Toronto, Los Angeles
    Some: New Jersey, Tampa Bay, St. Louis, Calgary, Edmonton, San Jose

    Overall Standings (Since I started on December 15)
    Strong: 53 for 70, 75.7%
    Good: 111 for 202, 55.0%
    Some: 98 for 186, 52.7%
    Overall: 262 for 458, 57.2%

    I am pleased with my Strong success rate, as I well should be, but my other two are lower than I would like. Also, my Strong predictions make up for 15.3% of my predictions, while my Good and Some predictions make up 44.1% and 40.6% (respectively). I am considering making huge changes to the way I predict my games to make more games Strong predictions.

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