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I think I have seen it all now. A member of the Toronto hockey media, George Gross, is lecturing Toronto Maple Leaf fans to lay off criticizing coach Pat Quinn.

The hunt for Quinn’s skin is nothing new for Toronto’s so-called sports fans. They do it all the time, regardless of whether they condemn the coaches of the Maple Leafs, Raptors, Argonauts or Blue Jays. If their team doesn’t win, it’s never the players, the general manager, or the owner’s fault. It always is the fault of the coach.

I find that interesting because the leaders in the Fire Pat Quinn campaign has been, is, and always will be the media. It seems every time the Leafs lose back to back games someone in the Toronto hockey media has a fire Pat Quinn article. I wonder where the fans get the idea that Pat Quinn should get fired from? If you ask me the fans are more critical of the players than the coach.

I believe George Gross has been a defender of Pat Quinn in the past so at least he is being consistant in his message but I feel going after the fans is attacking the followers and not the leaders. The fire Pat Quinn rally cry has always come from his fellow sports writers. To bad Mr. Gross feels the need to attack the fans because he is too gutless to attack his coworkers.

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  1. I think they are stuck for a few years to come…they have alot of guys not in sink and too old…lindros, alison, belfor, and more that are on they’re dying years… even Quin i think is getting too old …old school is out…time to move with the times get someone youger to develope with the team. It would have to wait to next year though…this year is done…they have to come up with a new 3 or 4 year plan and stick to it…it will take some time to rebuild the team.. they ahve to clean house and start over. I would go as far as they can this year and really clean house in between this year and next. If they are not going to make the playoffs they should start unloading….Judgement call …I don’t think they will myself…


  2. I would consider trading away some of their older players before the Thursday deadline but I wouldn’t go with a complete overhaul yet. I’d definitely trade Klee, Allison and Belfour if you can. If they don’t think they can resign McCabe at a reasonable price and you get an outstanding offer for him then I would consider trading him too. The rest of the team I would keep in tact for this season. Some of them could be easily traded but if you are only going to get a 5th or 6th round pick back then there really isn’t much use in trading them.

    I would also consider bringing Lindros back next year if he can be resigned at a reasonable price (i.e. certianly no more than the $1.5 million he is making this year). When he is healthy he is still a nice player to have on your team. He still skates fairly well, he still throws the hits and he can still score some goals. He is also still in his early 30’s so isn’t that old.

    The one thing I would do is be on the phone to Mike Keenan and offer him whatever he wants for Roberto Luongo. If you don’t have great goaltending you won’t be a good team. Inconsistant goaltending is the #1 problem with the Leafs this year. Luongo might end up being the best goalie int he NHL over the next 10 years so if they could get him I would do it at almost any cost.

    The good thing for the Leafs is they don’t have many players signed beyond this year so they will have a lot of money (maybe even $25-30 million) to spend this summer. Rebuilding doesn’t necessarily have to take 3-4 years. They just need to find a top goalie.

  3. Pat Quinn should most definetley be fired after this season. A head coach is brought in to win games and ultimately win a Stanley Cup. 7 seasons later, theres still no cup in Toronto, and might I add no Gold medal at the Olympics this year. Fire Quinn. Point made.

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