Game Predictions 3/3/2006

We have 5 games on schedule tonight with two of them having huge impacts on the western conference playoff race. Currently Edmonton holds the final playoff spot in the west with Anaheim, San Jose and Minnesota hot on their tails. Tonight these four teams face off with Anaheim facing Edmonton and Minnesota in Anaheim. These are extremely important games for these four teams. A Minnesota loss and you could almost eliminate the Wild from the playoff race as since they have played more games than the other three teams and passing three teams with fewer games left on the schedule would be real tough. The prediction algorithm says Edmonton and Anaheim will win. I’m OK with Anaheim but I would be concerned with Edmonton. They haven’t played all that great lately while San Jose has been pretty good. It would be a huge win for Edmonton but I am not sure they can win it.

And for those who say that I always pick the favourites please check out the Chicago/Vancouver prediction.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Carolina Florida Carolina Good
Buffalo Toronto Buffalo Good
Chicago Vancouver Chicago Some
Edmonton San Jose Edmonton Some
Anaheim Minnesota Anaheim Some

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  1. I was just wondering why you don’t have your % on the out comes of your picks? some . good etc…I noticed when you started you had them posted?



  2. I’ve been posting them every Monday but of course NHL games haven’t been played on a Monday for quite a while. Here is my record since I started using my new formula sometime in January.

    Strong: 15 of 26 – 57.7%
    Good: 17 of 25 – 68.0%
    Some: 49 of 86 – 57.0%

    I am satisfied with my Good and Some results (would like better but they aren’t bad) but the Strong results are pretty poor. Most of those strong losses are due to the Blues hot streak and the Senators struggles prior to the Olympics.

  3. There’s how many games left…? I think David, that these games are all important….. But there is still plenty of time left for a team to get hot and make their way into the playoffs… I don’t think it’s do or die time yet..

    I concur on the Edmonton situation… Sometimes, they just don’t have that ability to win games you’d think they should….

    In any event… Good Luck…

  4. I like your picks today dave. I like vancouver over chicago though. I believe chicago just doesn’t have enough talent to compete with van.
    I agree that edmonton/san jose game can go either way…the only edge they have is their at home…it think this game is a coin toss…Buffalo seems to have T.O’s number for some reason? I didn’t see your response on time, I wrote you on your feed back section but you already answerd the question so just disregard it…

    thank you


  5. Carolina is the NHLs best home team vs the leagues worst road team. Toronto is not a good team dispite what critics say, and Buffalo is making a run for top spot in the NE division. Chicago is due for a home win and a 2nd 3 game winning streak of the season…I’ll go on a hunch there and say Chicago. Edmonton has lost 4 staright vs San Jose winning streak. Both teams have gone to shotouts in both games this season…Edmonton due for a home win, somewhere they havent been winning alot as of late. Anaheim has a great home record vs a falling Minnesota team who’s probably pretty tired from last night.

    Tonight’s predictions:

    -Carolina over Florida
    -Buffalo over Toronto (as much as I hate to admit it)
    -Chicago over Vancouver
    -Edmonton over San Jose
    -Anaheim over San Jose

  6. i like buffalo to win but see the leafs putting in 2 or 3 themselfs. a shootout style game over 6.5. the opposite of the Anaheim/Minnesota game.

    Carolina going to the final 4
    Buffalo and the over
    Vancouver close game by 1 of course
    San Jose EDM is 3-0 in the last three meetings. lol thats why
    Anaheim/Minnesota no pick just the under

  7. I haven’t put these predictions on my computer yet, so could somebody remind me tomorrow to do so? Thanks. But here are my predictions:

    Carolina: Strong
    Buffalo: Good
    Vancouver: Some
    San Jose: Some
    Minnesota: Some

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