Game Predictions – 3/1/2006

It is hard to tell how much the olympic break helped or hurt teams based on last nights results. Detroit didn’t have any of they Swedish players in the lineup and it definitely showed as they got trounced 5-1 by the Sharks. Vancouver on the other hand had the Sedin twins in the lineup and defeated the Flames despite not having injured Jovanovski, Ohlund and Salo in the lineup. Meanwhile a rested Florida team easily beat a Tampa team who had several more players playing in the Olympics.

Tonight features some games that are we have to keep an eye on. The Ottawa Senators will be playing without Dominik Hasek and the next week or two (or maybe more)is going to be an important test for Ray Emery. He starts off on an easy note though as they are playing the lowly Penguins. Philadelphia should have Peter Forsberg back in the lineup but how rested will he be and they will likely be without Simon Gange. Beating New Jersey might post a tough challenge for them. Detroit looks to rebound after last nights loss to the Sharks when they face the Ducks with a full roster. But again, how rested will those 5 Swedes be?

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Buffalo Atlanta Buffalo Strong
Carolina Boston Carolina Good
New Jersey Philadelphia Philadelphia Some
Pittsburgh Ottawa Ottawa Strong
Chicago Nashville Nashville Good
Edmonton St. Louis Edmonton Strong
Anaheim Detroit Anaheim Some

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  1. I have to admit that if I knew Mike Babcock wouldn’t start any of his gold-medal winners, I would’ve selected San Jose as a “Good” favourite. I probably should’ve done some research before making my predictions. It showed, as I went 2-4, my worst day since I went 2 for 13 back on February 4. This dropped my betting balance to $159.79.

    Strong: CAR, EDM
    Good: BUF, OTT, NSH, ANH (?)
    Some: PHI

    Normally, I wouldn’t select Anaheim as a good favourite to beat Detroit, especially since they will likely get their 5 players back tonight. Travel might hurt Detroit good in the early part of the 2nd half of the season. An upset is still possible tonight.

  2. Hopefully the predictions go the right way today. The Olympic break has affected the plays of some teams.


    -Buffalo Sabres
    -Carolina Hurricanes
    -New Jersey Devils
    -Ottawa Senators
    -Nashville Predators
    -Edmonton Oilers
    -Detroit Red Wings

    Good Luck!!!

  3. Some hard games tonight… Nashville has smoked Chicago 5x this year, that will continue tonight. Buffalo has been playing very well before the break, that will continue as well. There has to be upsets tonight so im going with the Flyers and Blues. Esche is in net for Philly, should be tight but Philly is a strong road team, should see them win. St.Louis is hot as of late and Edmonton has given up 20 goals in the last 4 games, im giving the edge to the Blues tonight. Im hoping Ottawa doesnt lose to the Penguins, i think it may be close, even tho Pittsburgh has home ice advangtage im going with the Sens. Detroit i dont think will lose 2 in a row back to back nights. I like Boston alot, theyve been playing well with Thomas in net, but Carolina is too strong at home…Carolina win.


    -Buffalo over Atlanta (Strong)
    -Carolina over Boston (Some)
    -Ottawa over Pittsburgh (Some)
    -Philadelphia over New Jersey (Good)
    -Nashville over Chicago (Strong)
    -St.Louis over Edmonton (Some)
    -Detroit over Anaheim (Strong)

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