Feb 012006

It seems there were some database problems with my website this morning making the site not accessible. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Well, yesterday was a very good day on the prediction front as my predictions were 6 for 6. It also helped immensely my betting record as my total rose to $120.10. A 20% return is not bad after just 4 days of betting. At this rate I’ll be able to plan my early retirement. Well, maybe not, but anyway, so far so good. Lets see if we can keep things going tonight.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
NY Rangers Pittsburgh NY Rangers Strong
New Jersey Ottawa Ottawa Strong
Detroit St. Louis Detroit Strong
Dallas Nashville Dallas Good
Calgary Columbus Calgary Strong
Anaheim San Jose Anaheim Some

That’s a lot of potential one-sided games tonight. Three of the four ‘strong’ games feature very good teams against very bad teams. The fourth is Ottawa at New Jersey which is a bit surprising that it is a strong game. If Brodeur continues his good goaltending this could definitely be a potential upset. Also surprising is that Dallas is a good favourite over Nashville. I would have thought ‘some’ would have been more appropriate but who’s to argue with the algorithm that has been very successful the past couple days.

The most important game of the night though is Anaheim/San Jose. Both these teams are fighting to get back in the playoff race. Anaheim currently sits 4 points back form 8th place Edmonton while San Jose has fallen 9 points back, although they have 3 games in hand. Anaheim becomes the favourite because they are the home team but this one could go either way.