I've seen it all now…

I’ve done a lot of complaining about the referees throughout the season so far but what I have seen tonight just blows me away. In the second period of the Leafs-Rangers game there was a penalty called on Darcy Tucker. Before the Leafs touched the puck again the Rangers took it down the ice into the Leafs zone and after a bit of play McCabe was able to touch the puck and the whistle blew on the delayed penalty call. But, McCabe instead of just touching the puck slapped it down the ice and for doing so was given a 2 minute unsportsmanlike penalty. Now I don’t like it when players do what McCabe did. I think it is childish and yes, unsportsmanlike. But, that sort of thing happens all the time, several times a game, and no penalties ever get called. I don’t think I have ever seen a penalty called when players do that and I just don’t understand what went through the referees mind to decide that now is when he is going to call that penalty. Maybe he is just having a bad day but he shouldn’t let that affect his calling of the game.

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  1. I don’t know if you saw the TB/CAR game last night but the ref there gave Eric Cole a penalty shot on the most undeserving of plays and then didn’t give one to Lecavalier when he had twice the breakaway that Cole supposedly had. It was pretty obvious that the refs spent the entire game punishing the Lightning for the comments Tortorella had made about the refs after their game.

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