Game Predictions – 2/10/2006

We have 8 games on the schedule today consisting of a mix of easy games for some of the top teams and a couple of interesting betting opportunities. Last night my predictions went 4 for 7 which was enough for me to improve my betting balance to $129.57.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
NY Rangers(-210) Toronto(+175) Toronto Some
Philadelphia(-280) Washington(+235) Philadelphia Strong
Carolina(-550) Pittsburgh(+425) Carolina Some
Columbus(+115) Colorado(-135) Columbus Some
Calgary(-380) St. Louis(+300) Calgary Strong
Edmonton(-160) Minnesota(+140) Edmonton Some
Vancouver(-180) Anaheim(+160) Vancouver Good
San Jose(-115) Dallas(-105) San Jose Some

(betting lines by Bowmans. )

I have had a lot of people question my power ranking system because the New York Rangers (and others) are ranked so low. Tonights (and tomorrows) Rangers-Leafs games will be at test of my power ranking system as I have Toronto as the predicted winner while the betting lines have Toronto as a fairly significant underdog. This provides an excellent betting opportunity as I really like the Toronto +175 bet.

The Columbus/Colorado game is another good betting opportunity as I have Columbus as the predicted winner but are the slight underdog according to the odds. Colorado is the better team but they are playing on the road in the second game of back to back nights and Columbus has been hot recently winning 6 of 7. I think this game could go either way but that means the Columbus +115 is an good betting opportunity.

The rest of the games are less intriguing from a betting standpoint. The Carolina odds are so poor that I am not going to bet that game and unlike last night with Atlanta over Ottawa, I have a hard time even suggesting a Pittsburgh bet. They are just so horrible that a win is very remote. Yeah, I know, my prediction only has Carolina as a ‘some’ favourite but I still can’t see Pittsburgh winning. They have lost 7 in a row and 17 of 18 and their lone win was over the also weak Washington Capitals.

St. Louis has just killed my winning percetage on ‘Strong’ predictions having won 4 of their last 5 games and against some solid teams. I still think that St. Louis is a horrible team but they just have it going on right now and because of this the +300 odds might be a decent gamble.

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  1. I bet $5 on each game. I lost Ottawa, Carolina and Buffalo. That is a loss of $15.

    I won New Jersey ($3.85), Colorado ($5.50), Detroit ($4.00) and Dallas ($2.86) for a total of $16.21.

    So, I was up $1.21 on the night.

  2. My predictions are 100% computer generated based on an algorithm. Someone asked if I had tested my prediction algorithm to win money betting. To test it I decided I would start with $100 and bet $5 on every predicted winner. Like I wrote in yesterdays post, Atlanta was probably the best risk/reward bet but I have to bet Ottawa as per my guidelines.

  3. here’s the problem. Unlike you we have a limited bankroll. You from what i know have an unlimited bankroll so psychologically when you wager its completely different than what majority of us would wager. You have now made it clear you consistantly wager Units rather than to Win Units. If you had a bankroll of 100 bucks you’d be making nothing bud. BUt the thing is whats the point of saying “Strong” “Some” “Good” doesn’t mean crap. If you wagered lets say 5 units on the games you say “Good” and you wagered 10 Units on “Strong” you’d of lost some major units both yesterday on Ottawa and the day before on Vancouver. So really i don’t see anything in your predictions. You have not given and sort of indication you are making any form of money. If you go to wagerline you can see people may have an astounding record but if they lose on the Juice the amount of units they have won is no where clear to their record. State how many units your plays are and we’ll see if they make money or not, because you are misleading people with your predictions if you say you make a consistant bet throughout the board.

  4. Unlike you we have a limited bankroll.

    I have a limited bankroll too. I started with $100. That is what I am betting with.

    You have not given and sort of indication you are making any form of money.

    I started with $100, I now have $129.57. I’ve made almost 30% in 2 weeks. Is that not making some form of money?

    Yes, if you wanted you could bet different amounts on Some, Good and Strong bets, but that is not the betting method I am using. Maybe I will try that method in the future but for now I am betting $5 on every game. So far, the method seems to be working.

  5. I have taken Vancouver simpley because they need these points to stay on top and know i feel a little unconfident.

  6. David no offense to your power rankings.. but some of them make absolutley no sense. i may be Bias, but to consider Toronto,Rangers and some of the other teams you’ve posted above Philly is just will.. plain dumb. Sorry

  7. The Flyers (Rangers being another) are one of those teams that a lot of people use to criticize my power rankings but look who the Flyers have won against:

    5 wins against Pittsburgh
    4 against Islanders
    3 against Florida
    2 against Washington
    St. Louis

    That’s 17 of their 32 wins against the seven worst teams in the NHL. Now go count how many wins they have against the 10 best teams. You won’t find many. Of the top 10 teams in the Power Rankings, Philadelphia has 4 wins (Ottawa twice, Carolina and Calgary) and 9 losses (4 in overtime or shootout). Should Philadelphia be a top 10 team when they have only 4 wins against the rest of the top 10 teams? In my opinion you have to be able to do well against top 10 teams if you want to be ranked amongst them.

    I will agree that a healthy Flyers team is probably a top 10 team but they haven’t been healthy and who knows if they they can get and stay healthy? That said, I am not completely sold on their goaltending.

  8. I don’t think David would mind if I encouraged everybody who comes to this site to post their own betting preferences and NHL predictions. Anyway, I have been doing pretty well in recent days with my own predictions, getting 25 of 30 (83.3%) in all games since Feb 5, including 4 of 7 yesterday. My betting balance currently rests at $147.55, so I am quite pleased. Hopefully, I can increase it with 7 of the 8 games today, since I am not betting on teams with a payoff of less than $1.00, as Carolina has a low payoff as such.

    Strong: None
    Good: PHI, NYR, EDM, CGY, VAN
    Some: CBJ, CAR, SJ

  9. Well, injury’s have taken there toll on Philly. They handelled Nashville when they played them (SO loss) Colorado they should have beaten (ot loss) Tampa flat out owns Philly. Carolina was a roller coaster game but Philly has outplayed them every game. If i was making a power ranking OVERALL in the NHL based on the philly team when healthy (and we have seen them play) I’d put them number 4 in the nhl right now 1-Detroit 2-Ottawa 3-Carolina 4-Philly .. Yes i’d put Philly ahead of Dallas and Calgary.

  10. Brendan, cool out man. Anyone who actually put money with 1/4 odds on a hockey game this time in the season is just asking to lose their money. And playing the same amount per bet is the best money management system possible. Just don’t bet heavy favorites.

  11. I agree with David on the Flyers.
    When the Flyers went into the mini-slump right after that long road trip I looked at their wins. At that time the Flyers had only won 2 games against potentially playoff bound teams by 2 goals or more, not counting empty netters. Against the Senators and Devils, both games in October.
    The injuries have just been killing them.

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