Game Predictions 2/9/2006

We had another solid night on the prediction front last night going 5 for 7 missing out on the Rangers win over Ottawa and St. Louis’s win over Vancouver. We have another 7 games tonight including a couple of very interesting betting opportunities.

Current Betting balance: $128.36

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Boston(+110) New Jersey(-130) New Jersey Some
Buffalo(-200) Montreal(+170) Buffalo Good
Ottawa(-400) Atlanta(+320) Ottawa Some
Tampa Bay(even) Carolina(even) Carolina Some
Nashville(+105) Detroit(-125) Detroit Some
Minnesota(-130) Colorado(+110) Colorado Some
Phoenix(+155) Dallas(-175) Dallas Some

(Betting lines by Bowmans)

I can’t argue with New Jersey over Boston, Buffalo over Montreal, Detroit over Nashville or Dallas over Phoenix but the other games provide some interesting betting opportunities.

Ottawa/Atlanta – My feeling on this game is that it is going to be a blow out one way or the other. Either Ottawa comes out hard and play hard as a team after last nights dissapointing effort and they pound Atlanta, or they don’t and Atlanta pounds them. I am actually going to watch this game live so it should be fun to see how it plays out. Either way, the odds that Atlanta has make it a very intriguing bet. Of course I can’t bet it since I am testing my prediction algorithm but if I wasn’t restricted I probably would. The risk/return ratio is very very good.

Carolina/Tampa – I still haven’t figured out this Tampa team yet. Are they the team who had back to back shutouts a week or so ago, or are they the team who gave up 7 goals against New Jersey on Tuesday. They have generally played better of late but are also still a bit inconsistant. Because of that and the even odds Carolina is a very good betting opportunity.

Minnesota/Colorado – This game also seems to provide a good betting opportunity. According to my power rankings Colorado is the second best team in the NHL and so it surprises me some that Minnesota has the better odds. Go with my prediction and take Colorado with the better than even odds.

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  1. The first thing I would like to say is that, since I went 2 for 13 back on February 4, I have gone 21 for 23, going 2-0 on the 5th, 5-1 on the 6th, 7-0 on the 7th, and 7-1 on the 8th. Since then, I have increased my betting balance by $72.38, so I currently rest at $146.47.

    It’s like whatever we predict for the Tampa games, the opposite happens. Also, in the second paragraph, first after the chart, you said “Detroit over Minnesota”. Detroit is in Nashville for I think the first time this year, while Minnesota is hosting Colorado.

    Strong: None
    Good: BUF, DAL
    Some: NJ, CAR, OTT, DET, COL

    Strong: 50 for 66, 75.8%
    Good: 88 for 162, 54.3%
    Some: 79 for 150, 52.7% (the highest win percentage since I was 2 for 3 back on Dec 16 (started predictions on Dec 15)

  2. Nashville is in a tailspin right now. They can’t create any offense and with their defense giving up 40 + shots a game see Detroit coming away with another win.

    Also, like the Dallas pick because still think they might be a little shook up with this betting ring being brought to life. Along with the solid play of Dallas on the road can’t pass them up either.

    With you on the Colorado pick as well with similar facts as you already posted.


  3. tough to take DAL if they start Hedberg but PHO just lost to CHI and they have played ok lately. does PHO play hard? I stay away from that one with Hedberg

  4. like most of them. Im gonna play Atlanta just because i seen them whoop Ottawa already this year while they were hot.Plus at +250 and more cant go wrong. Also gonna play Tampa , they have owned Carolina this year all ganes going over

  5. I just have a couple of questions. What are your 3-letter abbreviations for the following teams?:

    Calgary, Columbus, Montreal, Nashville, Phoenix, and Washington

    Just curious.

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