Game Predictions 2/8/2006

I had another very good day with yesterdays predictions going 6 for 7 and only missing Chicago’s upset win over Phoenix. One has to wonder if the whole Tochett gambling ring charges had anything to do with that. Over the last 3 days my predictions are 14 for 15 which is extraordinary. I can’t expect that to continue, but wouldn’t it be nice if it did? In any event, yesterdays results boosted my betting balance to $120.91.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
NY Rangers(+150) Ottawa(-170) Ottawa Strong
Philadelphia(-175) NY Islanders(+155) Philadelphia Good
Columbus(+105) Los Angeles(-125) Columbus Some
Pittsburgh(-185) Boston(+165) Boston Good
Detroit(-210) Nashville(+175) Detroit Some
Calgary(-170) Anaheim(+150) Calgary Good
Vancouver(-425) St. Louis(+345) Vancouver Strong
San Jose(-380) Chicago(+300) San Jose Good

Betting lines by Bowmans.

There are a few surprises in todays games, especially with the betting lines. I completely understand Detroit being the favourite, but odds of -210 over Nashville? I would have thought they would be much closer. Same goes for San Jose (-380) over Chicago. An interesting prediction is Columbus over Los Angeles. But Los Angeles has lost 6 in a row and is in danger of falling out of a playoff spot while Columbus has been one of the hotter teams in the league the past month or so. That makes the Blue Jackets +105 a very interesting bet.

The Ottawa/NY Ranger game should be a good test for both teams. It is a test for the Rangers to determine if they are a contender or not and it is a test for the Senators have haven’t been all that dominant over the past couple months and have played win one, lose one type hockey the past ocuple weeks.

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  • Kevin Young

    I am sorry that I didn’t post my predictions yesterday, but I had been studying for California State’s High School Exit Exams (which I did fairly well in in both English/Literature and Geometry), which took away from my time. Anyway, I did go 7 for 7 yesterday with every prediction being a “Some” prediction. Some odds for today’s games that I am confused with are those for the Nashville/Detroit game, +175 to -210 in favor of Detroit, Ottawa being -165 to +145 favourites over the Rangers, the home team, and Los Angeles, riding a 6-game winless streak favourites -125 to +105 over Columbus, who is one of the hottest teams since the Kings losing streak began. My overall balance is currently $126.73.

    Strong: VAN
    Good: PHI, CGY, SJ
    Some: NYR, CLB, BOS, DET