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I am having some trouble with my webhosting company. It seems that to me access to my website is sometimes down or extremely slow. Every time I complain about it they try to blame me and my web connection. Has anyone else tried to visit and experienced slow loading times or even not being able to access the site altogether? Has anyone experienced it multiple times? Please post in the comments or drop me an e-mail your experiences. I need to find out whether I should be looking for a new webhost or not so your comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. There was at least fifteen minutes yesterday where I couldn’t get to the site. I had to give up and go back to work so I don’t know how the outage really was.

  2. Yes, it’s happened more over the last few weeks, and usually in the morning for me. There was that one day your wordpress couldn’t connect to your dbase. But other times, it just times out.

  3. Thanks everyone. I now have some ammunition to fire at my web host when they try to blame my internet connection on the problems. For me it has been hit and miss. Sometimes it works fine, sometimes it is very slow loading, and some times it just won’t load at all.

  4. There were more problems this morning and I have talked at length with my web host (right up to the owner level) and they have assurred me that they are actually going to address the problem this time and that a server upgrade should occur in the near future. Hopefully this resolves the problem, but if it doesn’t I will not hesitate to switch to another web host. These slowdowns are not acceptable.

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