Game Predictions – 2/7/2006

Last night was another one of those good prediction nights as all 6 games were predicted correctly. Although I didn’t bet on the Ottawa-Pittsburgh game because the odds were so bad the other 5 wins were enough to push me back over the break even mark. We have another 7 games tonight and I’ll be happy with 5 of 7.

Record since starting with the new prediction algorithm:

Strong: 9 of 13 – 69.2%
Good: 6 of 9 – 66.7%
Some: 26 of 46 – 56.5%

Current betting balance: $103.89

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Washington (-115) Florida (-105) Florida Some
Toronto (-145) Atlanta (+125) Toronto Good
Montreal(even) Buffalo(-120) Buffalo Some
New Jersey(-150) Tampa Bay(+130) New Jersey Some
Minnesota(-145) Los Angeles(+125) Minnesota Some
Colorado(-175) Edmonton(+155) Colorado Some
Phoenix(-270) Chicago(+230) Phoenix Strong

(betting lines by Bowmans)

I can’t really argue with any of those predictions. They all mostly make sense. The Minnesota over Los Angeles prediction might be the most debatable but the betting line has Minnesota the favourite as well. Taking Edmonton to upset Colorado with +155 moneyline might be a good bet though. Same with Tampa (+130) over New Jersey. Both these teams played last night though which hurts their chances of winning though.

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