Game Predictions – 2/6/2006

Here are the game predictions for tonights games. I’ll get back to more detailed analysis tomorrow when my schedule gets back to normal.

Yesterday’s performance: 2 for 2
Current Betting Balance: $87.58

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
NY Islanders Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Some
Ottawa Pittsburgh Ottawa Strong
Dallas Nashville Dallas Some
Edmonton Anaheim Edmonton Some
Vancouver Columbus Vancouver Strong
San Jose Calgary Calgary Some

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  1. Today, there are six games, but the Pittsburgh/Ottawa is the first game that I am not going to bet on. This is because the betting lines for this game is as follows: Pittsburgh (+450), Ottawa (-700). If Ottawa wins, a $5 bet would only give me $.71. I will not be betting on games that would yield less than a $1.00 profit, or a betting line of -501 and lower. Nonetheless, Ottawa is my obvious prediction.

    Strong: Ottawa
    Good: Edmonton and Vancouver
    Some: Tampa, Nashville, Calgary

    Overall Records:
    Strong: 49-15, 76.6%
    Good: 83-74, 52.9%
    Some: 66-70, 48.5%
    Overall: 198-159, 55.5%

    Betting Balance:
    Yesterday: $8.20
    Overall: $82.29
    Today’s Maximum Profit (excluding PIT/OTT): $21.18

    In response to the poll on the right, of the first 4 of those 33 games, they already have 3. In fact, they have gone 4-2-1 since losing 9 of the first 10 games in the new year. I think they could do about .500 for the rest of the year, but still won’t make the playoffs in the very competitive Western Conference.

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