Game Predictions – 2/5/2006

It was another mediocre day on the game prediction front yesterday getting just over half of the games correct. There are only 2 games being played today and one game provides a very interesting pick to win.

Betting balance: $79.35

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Boston Carolina Carolina Some
Montreal Philadelphia Montreal Some

I can’t really argue with Carolina over Boston but Montreal over Philadephia is interesting as it is counter to what many people would predict.

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  1. After doing really well on Friday, the exact opposite happened yesterday. I only predicted 2 of the 13 predictions correct, bringing my betting balance down by $49.04. OUCH!!!! Today, I was struggling on my pick for the Montreal/Philadelphia game, but eventually went with Montreal. Here is why: Philadelphia played yesterday, lost at home and is playing on the road today. Montreal played yesterday, won at home, and is playing at home today. So, our two predictions match each others except I am more confident in Carolina winning today. I am also going to change my predictions to “Strong”, “Good”, and “Some”, solely for contrast to David’s Predictions.

    Carolina @ Boston: Carolina (Good)
    Philly @ Montreal: Montreal (Some)

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