Game Predictions – 2/28/2006

Well, the NHL gets back in full swing tonight after a 15 day Olympic break. I think games are going to be pretty difficult to predict as we don’t really know how players are going to react either from the time off or the heavy olympic schedule. There could be a number of upsets as a result of it. For example, Detroit could be in a tough position with Lidstrom,…

February 28, 2006

Team Canada Olympic loss

Well, team Canada lost in the quarterfinals to Russia and will go home from the Olympics without any medal. I am sure this is going to bring out all kinds of emotions from people all across Canada as people wonder what went wrong and where to lay blame. There are a number of reasons the teams lost. Here are my thoughts. 1. The injuries to Niedermayer and Jovanovski combined with…

February 22, 2006

Olympic Gold medal winner?

The olympic quarterfinals are now all set: Switzerland vs Sweden Finland vs United States Russia vs Canada Slovakia vs Czech Republic Sweden will beat Switzerland and I think Finland should defeat the United States but the other two games are some solid rivalry games which will be quite interesting. I think Russia is actually a good draw for the Canadians. Although Russia has only given up 7 goals so far…

February 21, 2006

Olympic break…

Well, the olympic break is now upon us and the olympic hockey tournament begins tomorrow. After some thought I have decided to use the olympic break as a bit of a blogging break as well and more importantly as an opportunity to catch up on some much needed ‘pay the bills’ work. I also hope to use some of the extra time to develop offense and defense rankings and maybe…

February 14, 2006

Game Predictions – 2/12/2006

This is the final day of NHL games before the Olympic break and after a 4 for 9 day yesterday hopefully we can end on a positive note by winning 5 or more of today’s 7 games. Yesterdays results have my betting balance at $99.20, just below the $100 mark I started with. I’m pretty dissapointed with that and really want to see it stay above the $100 point. Hopefully…

February 12, 2006

NHL Game Predictions – 2/11/2006

Last night was a bit of an off night going just 3 for 8 but games like Pittsburgh upsetting Carolina isn’t something that many people are going to regularly predict. I also took a hit in the betting balance. My betting balance dropped to $117.03. Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence New Jersey(-270) NY Islanders(+230) New Jersey Some Los Angeles(-310) Chicago(+250) Los Angeles Strong Toronto(-115) NY Rangers(-105) Toronto Some…

February 11, 2006

I've seen it all now…

I’ve done a lot of complaining about the referees throughout the season so far but what I have seen tonight just blows me away. In the second period of the Leafs-Rangers game there was a penalty called on Darcy Tucker. Before the Leafs touched the puck again the Rangers took it down the ice into the Leafs zone and after a bit of play McCabe was able to touch the…

February 10, 2006

Game Predictions – 2/10/2006

We have 8 games on the schedule today consisting of a mix of easy games for some of the top teams and a couple of interesting betting opportunities. Last night my predictions went 4 for 7 which was enough for me to improve my betting balance to $129.57. Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence NY Rangers(-210) Toronto(+175) Toronto Some Philadelphia(-280) Washington(+235) Philadelphia Strong Carolina(-550) Pittsburgh(+425) Carolina Some Columbus(+115) Colorado(-135)…

February 10, 2006

Game Predictions 2/9/2006

We had another solid night on the prediction front last night going 5 for 7 missing out on the Rangers win over Ottawa and St. Louis’s win over Vancouver. We have another 7 games tonight including a couple of very interesting betting opportunities. Current Betting balance: $128.36 Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence Boston(+110) New Jersey(-130) New Jersey Some Buffalo(-200) Montreal(+170) Buffalo Good Ottawa(-400) Atlanta(+320) Ottawa Some Tampa Bay(even)…

February 9, 2006

NHL Power Rankings – February 8, 2006

Last night Minnesota beat Los Angeles 5-1 and today these two teams are the big movers in our Power Rankings as they switched positions. Minnesota rose 4 places from 14th to 10th while Los Angeles fell 4 places from 10th to 14th. Others movers include Buffalo who rose from 8th to 5th and Carolina who fell from 3rd to 6th. Rank Last Week Team AdjWinP SchedStr Power Rank 1 1…

February 8, 2006