Game Predictions – 1/25/2006

I am a little later than usual with these picks but better late than never. We have 5 games on schedule tonight but only one of significant importantance on playoff race. That game is the Anaheim/Edmonton game. Edmonton currently sits in 8th spot in the western conference with 56 points while Anaheim is in 10th with 52 points. Edmonton needs to win games like this if they are going to keep their hold on that final playoff spot as Anaheim and San Jose are really starting to threaten to take it from them. I am not sure Edmonton has the goaltending though so I’ll take Anaheim to win 4-3.

In the other pick-em game we have the battle of the rookies, Washington at Pittsburgh. Aside from the rookies though there isn’t much to get excited about. I’ll predict a Washington 4-2 win. I don’t see any upsets happening in any of the other games.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Philadelphia Montreal Philadelphia Good
Florida Carolina Carolina Good
Pittsburgh Washington Pick N/A
Dallas St. Louis Dallas Strong
Anaheim Edmonton Pick N/A

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  1. I am really kicking myself after last night. Mr. Johnson, I will let you decide whether or not I will include last nights SJ/LA game as a win for me or not. I would appreciate it if you would give me your input. Thank you.

    Here are my predictions: Philadelphia, Carolina, Washington, Dallas, Anaheim
    All of my predictions are “good” confidence.

  2. You gotta give yourself a loss on that one. You said it. I can live with picking LA and SJ winning.

    Anyhow, I’m surprised both of you have Carolina as only a Good favorite tonight. I have them in my own system as a near lock to win. They’re 19-3-1 when outshooting opponents.

    FLA gave up 50 shots last night, they’re playing their first game home after a west coast road trip and stop in TB last night. And they’re averaging 37.4 shots when following games they’ve given up 35+ shots. They’re gonna be tired, no doubt. And they’re going to give up a lot of shots.

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