Where's the logic?

What is it with Ottawa sports writers and their fascination with wanting the Leafs to trade Sundin. Today Bruce Garrioch is the guy who thinks the Leafs should trade Sundin. But let’s put the matter of whether the Leafs should trade Sundin or not to the side because I have some other beefs that need to be dealt with. That is the lack of logic, thought and basic understanding of the salary cap that Garrioch exhibits.

Moving Sundin to a contender with cap room shouldn’t be difficult.

Sure, but name a contender with cap room? Right. There aren’t any.

A couple of teams on the radar screen could be the Canucks and Flames. Both are looking for help at centre.

Yup, and so might the Oilers, but none have that much cap room. Earlier this year Vancouver was shipping players back to the AHL between game just to save a few thousand dollars here and there. Calgary could probably work in Sundin’s contract this year but they won’t be able to fit almost $7 million in next years salary under the cap (if they could even afford that). Same goes for the Oilers.

Wouldn’t Sundin look a lot better with Vancouver’s Markus Naslund or Calgary’s Jarome Iginla as one of his wingers?

Naturally, the Canucks would have to include centre Brendan Morrison in any deal, but it might be a nice package that could include goalie Ed Belfour if the Leafs drop out of the post-season race.

Ok, so let me get this right. You want the Canucks, who were trying to save a few thousand dollars here nad there earlier in the year, to take on more than $11 million in salary and only give up Brendan Morrison? Even if you included Bertuzzi’s salary they still probably couldn’t afford it. Does Garrioch has a brain, and if he does, does he know how to use it?

Sources say the Flames are among a group of teams that has been dialling up Florida GM Mike Keenan to see if he’s going to move centre Olli Jokinen, who can become an unrestricted free agent in the off-season.

Bruce, do you know why the Flames are interested in Jokinen? Because he doesn’t make $7 million next year. There was some talk that the Flames might also try to bring Marc Savard back should Atlanta fall out of the playoff race and want to trade him. Why? Because he doesn’t make $7 million next year (he’s a UFA too).

Of the contending teams, the New York Rangers might be able to afford him but they don’t really need a center now that they have picked up Sykora. Nashville might have the cap space too and could probably use a center but can they afford that big of a contract?

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  1. Send Sundin, Mccabe and Kaberle to

    The Bell Center C/O Bob Gainey

    thanks a bunch

  2. Wow! I never knew the address to the Bell Centre. And you know what? I never WANTED to know. But I don’t think Toronto is ready to give up three of their best pointsmen to a division rival. Also, I don’t really know what Montreal has that Toronto would want in return for any of those three. I can see Toronto trading Sundin to a Western conference team for a couple good prospects or a high-round draft pick.

  3. With a cap hit of 6.3M for another few seasons yet I’d be stunned if Toronto could get anything of value for him at this point in his career given his production, it’s largely a moot point anyway… he has a NTC and has made it pretty clear he has no intention of playing elsewhere.

    And frankly… as a leafs fan, I’m perfectly content with his staying. Unless he wants out, I’d much prefer to see Mats retire in a Leafs jersey.
    He’s one of the finest players to have ever worn a Leafs jersey, from a team with no shortage of past HOF’ers.

  4. I was joking..

    Mats is a big part of that team, I woudlnt see him leave either, he was a big part of the Nordiques and has really found his spot in Toronto.

    Everyone knows we dont have much to offer right now..
    Theo’s the one player with value we have that’ll probably go, but who wants him at this point in the season?,.,
    hes not a sure preplayoff bet, cause who knows what the move could do or how long it will take for him to build his confidence back,

    Im preety pissed we traded Mathieu Garon.
    why trade potential starting goalies?
    This season is proof we need a handfull of solid goalies
    stop trading future starting goalies.

    Right now more players in the blue collar payroll are producing than players in the top bracket
    we need to make big changes, Bob sees that,
    he thought firing Julien would help, but that was short lived,
    we need to make big changes…

  5. Although I thought Bonk would add something to the team I said that trading Garon was a mistake at the time. Another mistake they made was signing Kovalev to such a big contract. I said that at the time as well. The best year Kovalev has had when he hasn’t played with Lemieux is 27 goals. So far this year he has 10. And isn’t he making something like $4.5 million? That was a crazy contract.

    Montreal’s problem is they have too many similar players. Good second line players with some speed and skill but very little size.

  6. First off, keep in mind that this is a writer, who’s goal is to get people to read his work (much like he has accomplished here). All of his suggestions are radical ideas, not ones that I have heard commented on so far but even though it seems that they would probably be selling Sundin too short, it’s not necessarily as unlikely as we seem to think it is.

    The Leafs need to be serious and think about the future. They’ve got to stop going after older players (injury prone ones at that) and start focusing on how their team is going to do in the years ahead, especially under the rules in the new NHL. Lindros and Belfour are working their way towards retirement and really wont be that valuable to the Leafs who realistically aren’t going to be making much of a playoff run this year if any. It seems each year they go for some older players to take a shot at the Cup but let’s be serious for a minute and recognize that they aren’t going to take it this year, hate to break it to ya.

    The team’s lack of success isn’t Sundin’s fault but it looks like he’s going to take the blame for it anyway. I would blame their sub-par season on defence, almost strictly on defense. Berg is terrible, Kaberle has poor defensive coverage, Khavanov’s not looking so hot, and the Colaiacovo who is probably one of the Leaf’s better defenders in the defensive end hasn’t played all season and might not once he’s recovered from injury. I don’t attend the practices, I don’t see what Quinn sees but I seriously think that Quinn is placing too much value on certain players on this team and the GM has also made some critical mistakes, trying to pass off the blame on the Olympic head coach to cover himself.

    All these western Canadian teams are serious contenders this year and all could use a center so I don’t necessarily find it that unlikely that this isn’t a possibility. Sundin’s salary is a tough one to pass off to a team under this season’s cap but if it can be done, there’s no reason that any of these teams wouldn’t seriously consider it. Edmonton… not so sure about that now that they’ve gone and picked up those D, must have made it even tighter for them. But there’s youth on those teams… there’s got to be a way around the financial issue. As a Leafs fan, I hate to say it, but it might be best for Sundin to leave if we can get some potential players. I don’t think he’s the problem but if he went for some young guys it might still solve one of their problems, right? As for the NTC that was brought up, I think I remember hearing Sundin say something along the lines of “I want what’s in the team’s best interest, if that means a trade, so be it” type of statement. Kind of went all over the place here, sorry, like to organize my thoughts as I write I guess.

    Personally, I think management needs to look at the defence if anything right now. These Allison Leetch rumours sound great for Toronto, that would be much better than trading away Sundin due to frustration and impatience. Before the Leafs jump to anything though, I hope they wait until everyone is healthy – hopefully soon… – and fix up their lines.

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