Game Predictions – 1/17/2006

We’ve got 5 more games on the schedule tonight and the good news is that one of them is an important all-eastern conference game. Whoever came up with the idea to have all the inter-conference games played at the same time should be replaced because while some of them are interesting match-ups it is better to see some division and conference rivals match up.

The big game of the night is Carolina at Philadelphia. These are two of the better teams in the eastern conference and while they aren’t division rivals they are battling for playoff positioning. This should be an entertaining game and a close one. It is listed as a pick-em game and I will predict a Carolina 4-2 win.

In the inter-conference games New Jersey gets the honor of defeating St. Louis and we can all yawn as we watch the Islanders take on the Blackhawks (I’ll predict an Islanders win in this pick-em game). Toronto takes its injury riddled team to Colorado in what should be an interesting game but would have been more interesting had the Leafs been healthy. It’s likely the Leafs will be without top point produce Bryan McCabe and top goal scorer Darcy Tucker. The final game of the night sees an inconsistant Tampa team playing a somewhat struggling (lost 3 of 4) Los Angeles team. I think the Kings get back on track with a 5-2 win.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Philadelphia Carolina Pick N/A
St. Louis New Jersey New Jersey Some
Chicago NY Islanders Pick N/A
Colorado Toronto Colorado Some
Los Angeles Tampa Bay Los Angeles Good

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  1. We only have 5 games today, so I will actually do some analysis on each game.

    New Jersey/St. Louis- New Jersey is starting to look like the team that won the Cup several years ago. Meanwhile, St. Louis has done exactly the opposite since prior to the lockout. Without good players such as Demitra off the team now, their streak of consecutive playoff appearences is finally gonna come to an end this year. Take NJ to increase their perfect January-record to 7-0-0 with a high-scoring affair, possibly 4-0, 5-1.

    Toronto/Colorado- Colorado is also looking like the team that won the cup back then. They have won 7 straight going back to Dec ’05. They have outscored their opponents 27-11 in those game. Meanwhile, Toronto has gone 1-3 since going 6-0 in the six games prior. Colorado I think will win 4-2 this game.

    Carolina/Philadelphia- I don’t think we have had a match-up like this in the past couple weeks. We have two of the best three teams (points-wise). This is going to be a high scoring 1-goal game. Carolina hasn’t had to struggle with injuries this year. I think Carolina will win.

    NY Islanders/Chicago- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (wakes up). Oh, I am sorry. I forgot I was supposed to do analysis of a game between two bad teams. This game is basically a coin-flip. Heads is NYI, Tails is CHI. (flip) “Tails.” Well I guess I will go with Chicago.

    Tampa Bay/Los Angeles- This game is also a good match-up. A game like last Saturday’s 10-1 loss for LA is the kind of game that turns around your entire playing. The Kings were without the 2nd highest scoring defenceman in the NHL, Lubomir Visnovsky, and won’t play tonight. From information gathered from, C Pavol Demitra has been placed on the IR (no announcement made in the Los Angeles Times yet), so the Kings injury woes are continuing. They should get back on track for another home win.

    New Jersey/St. Louis (New Jersey-Strong)
    Toronto/Colorado (Colorado-Good)
    Carolina/Philadelphia (Carolina-Some)
    NY Islanders/Chicago (Chicago-Some)
    Tampa Bay/Los Angeles (Los Angeles-Some)

    Running Record:
    Strong: 35-6-5, 81.5%
    Good: 50-36-10, 57.3%
    Some: 36-35-8, 50.6%
    Overall: 121-77-23, 60.0%

    Home: 69-33-12, 65.8%
    Road: 52-44-11, 53.7%

    I am happy that my overall percentage has gotten up to 60.0. (Technically, it is 59.954751%, but that is close enough). This year, I am just personally predicting the winners. Next year, I will also develop an equation to predict the outcome of games and will compare those to my personal predictions. I would encourage anybody out there to make comments about my analyses.

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