Game Predictions – 1/16/2006

Since it is Monday let me update you on my prediction success rate.

Strong: 90 of 123, 73.2%
Good: 120 of 185, 64.9%
Some: 86 of 162, 53.1%

All those percentages are improvements over last week so I am happy about that.

Now, I did write up an analysis of several of tonights games but my web host had problems and I lost it. Rather than write it all up again I’ll summarize it.

Boston/Anaheim, Phoenix/Washington, Columbus/NY Rangers, and Vancouver blowing out the Penguins are probably not very interesting games to watch. Boston-Anaheim is a pick-em game and I’ll pick Boston to win.

Ottawa often struggles with good defensive teams with good goaltending so Minnesota might pose a challenge for them if the Wild can find a way to score 2 or 3 goals.

The most entertaining game of the night has to be the Edmonton Buffalo game. Both teams have lots of speed and skill up front and the game should be very fast paced because of that. The game is a pick-em game and I’ll predict a 4-3 Edmonton win.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Boston Anaheim Pick N/A
Phoenix Washington Phoenix Good
Columbus NY Rangers NY Rangers Some
Montreal Dallas Dallas Some
Pittsburgh Vancouver Vancouver Good
Minnesota Ottawa Ottawa Good
San Jose Tampa Bay San Jose Some
Edmonton Buffalo Pick N/A