Game Predictions – 1/15/2006

It was a bit of a crazy day in hockey yesterday with several very close games and a few huge blow outs including a 10-1 Buffalo romp over Los Angeles. We could see some more crazy games today as we see some really good teams playing some really bad teams. St. Louis, probably the worst team in the league, is matched up against Carolina, one of the better teams in the league. Carolina wins this easy. The struggling Penguins head to Nashville to be preyed upon by the Predators who should also win this game easily. The 3rd game today sees New Jersey visit Chicago. The game is listed as a pick-em but you really have to like the Devils to win this game. The Devils are starting to play like the Devils of old and have won 5 games in a row including three 3-0 wins in those five. The Blackhawks on the other hand are playing horrible and have gone 2-9-2 in their last 13 games with their only wins coming against equally bad Pittsburgh and Washington. Devils win this one easy. If want to take a day off from watching or following hockey then this would be a good day to do that.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Carolina St. Louis Carolina Strong
Chicago New Jersey Pick N/A
Nashville Pittsburgh Nashville Strong

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  1. I hate those days where we have a small amount of games and no really interesting ones on the schedule. Nashville, Carolina, and New Jersey should win. I have Nashville and Carolina as Strong Predictions, while New Jersey is listed as a Good Prediction mainly based on the fact that they are playing on the road tonight. I don’t need to draw up the chart, as my predictions are listed above.

    Running Record:
    Strong: 32-5-5, 82.1%
    Good: 47-35-9, 56.6%
    Some: 34-35-8, 49.4%
    Overall: 113-75-22, 59.0%

    Now, here are my records for when I selected the home team or the road team to win a game:

    Home: 65-32-12, 65.1%
    Road: 48-43-10, 52.5%
    Overall: 113-75-22, 59.0%

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