Game Predictions – 1/14/2005

There are 10 games on the schedule tonight, all but one being inter-conference games. Potentially the most interesting game see Peter Forsberg face his old team the Colorado Avalanche. Both teams have pretty good offenses so the potential for a high scoring game is there. Philadelphia has the better defense and goaltending so they should win the game, as predicted.

The Detroit-NY Rangers game should also prove quite interesting. Detroit defeated the Flyers a couple days ago and look to knock off another quality eastern conference team. If I were putting money on this game I would bet on Detroit as well but the Rangers are certainly a good enough team to be give the Red Wings a good challenge.

In the match-up we have all been waiting for we have the Columbus Blue Jackets taking on the Florida Panthers. Ok, maybe we haven’t been waiting for this game but both teams have been playing better recently so it could be a hard fought game, but it likely won’t feature too many goals being scored.

Ottawa takes their game back on the road, this time to western Canada to play the Edmonton Oilers. Ottawa has struggled miserably in the past couple weeks and is just 2-4 in January. This is a pick-em game and I am picking the Oilers to win this one but only if they can get decent goaltending which is as inconsistant as pretty much anything in the NHL.

In the other 2 pick-em games I will take the Islanders over a struggling Vancouver team and Minnesota over a Calgary team which has lost 3 in a row.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Boston Dallas Dallas Good
Philadelphia Colorado Philadelphia Some
Detroit NY Rangers Detroit Good
Toronto Phoenix Toronto Good
Montreal San Jose Montreal Some
NY Islanders Vancouver Pick N/A
Buffalo Los Angeles Buffalo Some
Florida Columbus Florida Good
Minnesota Calgary Pick N/A
Edmonton Ottawa Pick N/A

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  1. It has been a while since I have talked to you people out there. But that is what High School does to you. So occasionally, on the weekdays, I will skip some days. When I get the chance, I will fill in the predictions plus the running total.

    Does anybody out there know who Boston’s coach is? Me neither, but we should here his name soon when he becomes the 3rd coach to be relieved of his duties. Philadelphia is finally returning to the Wachovia Center (pronounced [Wah-ko-ve-uh Sen-tur]). This could be the most interesting game tonight, with Peter Forsberg playing against Colorado.

    The second most entertaining game today in my opinion has to be Los Angeles @ Buffalo. Los Angeles is 10-3-1 in their last 14 games since starting December 2-4-0. Meanwhile, Buffalo is 1-2-1 in January after going 12-2-1 in December. This is gonna be interesting.

    Dallas over Boston and Florida over Columbus (Strong), Philadelphia over Colorado, Toronto over Phoenix, San Jose over Montreal, Vancouver over NY Islanders, and Calgary over Minnesota (Good), and NY Rangers over Detroit, Los Angeles over Buffalo, and Edmonton over Ottawa (Some).

    Running Record:
    Strong: 31-5-4, 82.5%
    Good: 45-33-8, 57.0%
    Some: 34-32-8, 51.4%
    Overall: 110-70-20, 60.0%

    We are now 651 games into the season. The home teams have been dominating most of the games, going 379-213-59, 62.7%, while the road team’s record is 272-302-77, 47.7%.

    By the way, it is currently 10:43 ET/7:43 PT, and the Montreal Canadiens have just fired their Head Coach. Just wanted to bring that up.

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