Game Predictions – 1/10/2005

Before I get to todays predictions I’d thought I’d give up and updated tally of my success rate. I usually try to do this Mondays but I forgot yesterday.

Strong: 86 of 118, 72.9%
Good: 109 of 170, 64.1%
Some: 79 of 153, 51.6%

I am quite happy about the Strong success rate, somewhat satisfied with the Good success rate but quite dissapointed with how much the Some success rate has dropped off. It wasn’t that long ago when it was approaching 60%. Must have been a bad few weeks in there with lots of minor upsets.

So, on to today’s predictions. We have a full slate of interconference games today which means no divisional rivalried to get excited about, but there could potentially be some interesting games to watch.

Boston/San Jose – This is the first time these teams will be facing each other since the big trade which send Joe Thornton to the west coast. This trade has workedout exceptionally well for San Jose which went on a lengthy win streak immediately after the trade and after a bit of a slump over the holidays is back on a 3 game win streak. Boston on the other hand has been up and down every since the trade but have also won 2 games in a row. This is a pick-em game so I guess I am obligated to make a prediction but I totally hate predicting these games because you just don’t know how the teams will react. But since I have to make a pick I’ll go with Boston who will try to prove to their home town fans that they can live without Thornton.

Carolina/Detroit – One of the better eastern conference teams against one of the better western conference teams and a rematch of a Stanley Cup final of a few years ago. Carolina is on a four game winning streak while Detroit is coming off a humiliating 6-3 loss to Dallas in which they held a 3-0 lead at one point. Carolina is the slight favourite but I think Detroit is going to be an angry team after that loss and will take the win.

Ottawa/Phoenix – Ottawa lost 3 of 4 games last week including losses to Atlanta, Boston and Montreal. But Alfredsson is expected to return to the lineup tonight and being back on home ice should also be a motivation factor. Phoenix has lost 3 games in a row including a very dissapointing 5-2 loss to the lowly Blue Jackets in their last game. I think Phoenix will come out strong but Ottawa will win the game as they try to prove to their fans that they are still a dominant team.

Calgary/NY Rangers – This is the other pick-em game and will feature two excellent goalies in Kippusoff and Lundqvist. This game will be decided by whether Calgary’s strong defense can shut down Jaromir Jagr. I think they will and Calgary will get a 2-1 road win.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Boston San Jose Pick N/A
NY Rangers Calgary Pick N/A
Washington Chicago Washington Some
Carolina Detroit Carolina Some
Ottawa Phoenix Ottawa Strong
Pittsburgh Edmonton Edmonton Good
Nashville NY Islanders Nashville Good
Vancouver Toronto Vancouver Some

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  1. SIX CONSECUTIVE NOW!!!!! I don’t know why, but for the sixth straight day, we have selected the same teams. I guess we haven’t had any games that would be a 2-2 tie (if we still had ties). My predictions are: Edmonton (Strong), Carolina, Washington, and Ottawa (all Good), and Boston, NY Rangers, Nashville, and Vancouver (all Some)

    Running total:
    Strong: 26-5-3, 80.9%
    Good: 39-31-6, 55.3%
    Some: 26-30-8, 46.9%
    Overall: 91-66-17, 57.2%

    (I would like to inform everybody out there that a couple of day’s ago, I added an overtime loss to my regulation loss total. I have since made the change, so you don’t need to worry about that).

    Also, I am a little bit afraid for my good and some predictions. Combined, I am 65-61-14, 51.4%. I hope I can bring that up A LOT!!!!!!!!!

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