Game Predictions – 1/9/2005

Just four games on schedule tonight so I’ll give you a few of my thoughts on each game before getting to the predictions.

New Jersey/Philadelphia – On the weekend Philadelphia passed Ottawa for the most points in the eastern conference with 60 to Ottawa’s 59 (though Ottawa has a game in hand). They are also 12-2-3 since December first so they clearly have been a dominating team. New Jersey on the other hand is about as inconsistant as they come although they are on a hot streak winning 3 in a row including a Saturday win over the surprisingly strong Buffalo Sabres. That said, I like Philadelphia to win this game.

Minnesota/Dallas – Dallas is one of several teams in the western conference battling for the title of Best of the West. Last night they picked up a big win over the Red Wings. After falling behind 3-0 they stormed back with 6 unanswered goals to take a 6-3 win. Minnesota is likely a non-playoff team sitting in 9th spot but 5 points behind 8th place Colorado but they are also on a hot streak winning 8 of their last 11 games. Goaltending is the key for the Wild but Brian Rolson is quietly having an outstanding season with 18 goals and 42 points in 42 games. This is rated as a pick-em game and I like Minnesota to win a 2-1 game.

Colorado/St. Louis – The story of Colorado this season is good offense, bad goaltending. The story of St. Louis is just plain bad everything. Colorado has won 4 in a row while St. Louis has lost 4 of 5. Colorado wins this game 5-3.

Anaheim/Los Angeles – For those living in the Los Angeles area this is a big rivalry game. For the rest of us, this is just another game. One day I will do a more formal study but my gut is that rivalry games are more likely to lead to upsets than a normal game. That might benegit Anaheim. The other thing going for Anaheim is they made a trade over the weekend (Sykora to Rangers for Kontradiev) and frequently after a trade players get more focused and perform better. For these reasons I am going against my prediction algorithm and predicting an Anaheim upset.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
New Jersey Philadelphia Philadelphia Some
Minnesota Dallas Pick N/A
Colorado St. Louis Colorado Strong
Anaheim Los Angeles Los Angeles Some

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  1. Notice how you said “In the Los Angeles Area”? It seems like nobody knows where Anaheim is. The Arrowhead Pond, where they play, is about 10 miles down the street from where I live. I happen to be going to this game also, so I am looking for a good rivalry game.

    My predictions match your “algorith-selected predictions” AGAIN! For the 5th straight day, we have no discrepancies between our original predictions.

    St. Louis @ Colorado (Colorado-Strong)
    Dallas @ Minnesota (Minnesota-Good)
    Los Angeles @ Anaheim (Los Angeles-Good)
    Philadelphia @ New Jersey (Philadelphia-Some)

    Strong: 25-5-3, 80.3%
    Good: 39-29-5, 56.8%
    Some: 26-29-8, 47.6%
    Overall: 90-63-16, 58.0%

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