Why Crosby doesn't deserve Rookie of the Year

There are a lot of reasons why Crosby should be considered a top rookie of the year candidate. And deservingly so. He is having a very good year. But in my mind there is one thing that he does that should automatically eliminate him from contention and it was seen once again in last nights game against the Atlanta Thrashers. I’m not talking about him losing his cool and taking a retaliation slashing penalty, I’m talking about him taking a diving penalty. In my mind, diving is as unsportsmanlike as you can get almost on par with straight out cheating. The worst thing that could ever happen in the NHL is to have it’s superstars become super divers. It would be disasterous for growing the game in the United States and would probably be disasterous for the game even in Canada. Last night may have been Crosby’s first diving penalty but it isn’t the first time he has been accused of diving. The Flyers have accused Crosby of diving as has Don Cherry and as have I. He’s a diver and Mario Lemieux needs to pull him to the side and tell him that diving is not acceptable in the NHL and especially on his team. Diving has to be stopped and if I were a voter I would not reward a diver with the rookie of the year trophy.

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  1. I like Crosby, but I agree that the diving and constantly looking to the refs to make calls reflects poorly on the game. Of course, he IS still a kid, but I’m surprised no one seems to have taken him to task about it yet. I was at the Pittsburgh @ Buffalo game on Dec. 17 and there was a definite (and obvious) penalty that wasn’t called in his favour, and I suspect that was because of his reputation for “embellishing.”

  2. More than the diving, I’m not a fan of the whining. Now that he has a letter, I guess it’s tolerated, but even before then, he was constantly yelling at the referees. You never saw Wayne, Mario, or any other heavily hyped young player do that.

  3. If you saw the home-and-home series against Atlanta, Ilya Kovalchuk and he kept on yappin away. Crosby got several one-way tickets to the penalty box, while Kovalchuk got the puck a one-way ticket to the back of the Pittsburgh net 5 times in those two games. I think Crosby has a long way to go before getting to the calibur of Wayne, Mario, and the other hockey greats.

  4. Actually, Gretzky was a bit of a yapper, swore a lot, and was a whiner to the refs at times. Not sure if he did it when he was 18 but he did do it later on for sure. He says it is the one thing he isn’t proud of in his career. But he wasn’t a diver. I think diving is worse anyway because it is a sign of lazyness (dive rather than fight through a check) and also smacks at the integrity and fairness of the game.

  5. Also, there are several good rookies out there who I think deserves this award better. Notice how Crosby is with the 3rd worst team in the NHL and worst in the East? And Ovechkin is on the team who is 4th worst in the NHL and 2nd worst in the East? How about looking at Lundqvist, as the Rangers are 9/5 NHL/Conference? Or Marek Svatos of Colorado, who is 13/8? What about Dion Phaneuf of Calgary, 10/3? My personal pick is Svatos, but I will pick Lundqvist if Colorado misses hockey in April, May, and June.

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