Game Predictions – 1/8/2006

Sorry for the delay. Since these are quite a bit later than usual and I don’t have a lot of tme for analysis I’ll get right to the predictions.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Washington Florida Washington Some
Detroit Dallas Detroit Some
Chicago Nashville Nashville Good
Phoenix Columbus Phoenix Strong

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  1. For the fourth consecutive day, we have selected the same teams for every game (excluding your pick-’em games). We don’t have some really interesting games today, but the Dallas @ Detroit game could prove to be entertaining. Nashville should beat Chicago at the United Center. Those who go to the MCI Center should leave happy as Florida should lose. Phoenix is hosting Columbus (really thrilling game today). Phoenix should win here. The good game today I think will go to HockeyTown.

    Nashville @ Chicago (Nashville-Strong)
    Florida @ Washington (Washington-Good)
    Dallas @ Detroit (Detroit-Good)
    Columbus @ Phoenix (Phoenix-Good)

    Strong: 24-5-3, 79.7%
    Good: 39-27-5, 58.5%
    Some: 26-29-8, 47.6%
    Overall: 89-61-16, 58.4%

    FYI, I am still working on my entertainment values for every game thus far. Once I am able to obtain the required stats for every game all year, I will attempt to list the most entertaining games and least entertaining games every Saturday.
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