NHL Predictions – 1/6/2006

Six games on the schedule tonight but none you would really consider rivalry or important matchups except for Nashville-Detroit. Nashville trails Detroit by 4 points for first in both the division and conference with a game in hand. I am sure Detroit really wants the win to put a bit more space between the two teams while a Nashville will put the teams almost deadlocked with half a season left to play.

For western Canadians there is always high interest when Toronto comes ot town so I am sure a lot of people will be watching the Calgary-Toronto game. The Leafs have managed to win a bunch of games while dealing with a bunch of injuries but for the most part those wins came against second tier teams. This western Canada road trip will say a lot about the Leafs and whether they should be considered a top team or a tier below the top teams.

In the pick-em games, I’ll take Philadelphia to win despite playing on the road on back to back nights. The Flyers are just a better team than the Capitals.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Washington Philadelphia Pick N/A
Carolina NY Islanders Carolina Good
Atlanta Pittsburgh Atlanta Good
Nashville Detroit Nashville Some
Dallas Anaheim Dallas Good
Calgary Toronto Calgary Some

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  1. I did good yesterday, going 8-1-0. Today, we only have one interesting game: Detroit @ Nashville. I pick Nashville because Detroit is the road team playing on back-to-back nights. The only game I really had any difficulty with on the predictions would be the Philadelphia @ Washington game. I think Philadelphia is the better team, but sooner or later, they will be becoming very fatiqued during their 11 game road trip. I will pick Philadelphia for this game, but perhaps in their games on the 9th in New Jersey and the 12th in Hockey Town, I might consider making the Flyers the underdog. Now, here are my predictions:

    NY Islanders @ Carolina (Carolina-Good)
    Pittsburgh @ Atlanta (Atlanta-Good)
    Anaheim @ Dallas (Dallas-Good)
    Philadelphia @ Washington (Philadelphia-Some)
    Detroit @ Nashville (Nashville-Some)
    Toronto @ Calgary (Calgary-Some)

    Running Record:
    Strong: 23-5-3, 79.0%
    Good: 33-23-5, 58.2%
    Some: 23-27-7, 46.5%
    Overall: 79-55-15, 58.1%

    A couple notes of last night’s games. Boston hasn’t had a lot of success this year, but since the Joe Thornton trade, they have done very well when hosting Ottawa. I don’t see this as reasonable, as a bad team does really well when hosting the best team in the NHL.
    Also, last night the Los Angeles Kings picked up their first shutout of the year 4-0 over Gretzky and Los Coyotes. Being one of the most (if not THE most underrated teams all year), people don’t realize they are only 1 point behind Detroit for the best record in the West and 3 points behind Ottawa for best record in the NHL.

  2. Kevin,
    was wondering about a game next week. Do you think Atlanta has a chance to beat Nashville???? Nashville will be coming off playing the New York Islanders the night before, so that is in Atlanta’s favor for sure. My friend says no way, I think Atlanta can win this game. Wouldn’t hurt if Mason was in goal for Nashville either, just curious what your thoughts are. I have a $20 bet with my buddy that Atlanta will win. Do you have any thoughts?? Do you think Atlanta can beat Nashville, and do you think Vokoun will play back to back???
    Thanks in advance,

  3. I am not Kevin, but yes, I think Atlanta could win. If I were betting I would want some odds in my favour but Atlanta has been playing much better recently and I think they have the talent to beat anyone if they get good goaltending. Lehtonen is the key here so keep an eye on how he is playing.

  4. Hi, thanks for the reply, and so fast:) I agree Lehtonen is the key. So here’s another question, I know Hartley doesn’t want to play Lehtonen back to back, but since Atlanta’s games are Wednesday and Friday, do you think he’ll play both? If he does, I think he can win both. But the key is having Lehtonen play, or will Hartley the time between goalies?? Also, I think Lehtonen would have a better chance to beat Nashville, if Mason is in net. Ok, I’m asking a lot here, could you look into your crystal ball, and make a guess? My gut says Mason will play, since Vokoun played the night before against the Islanders. Also, my gut says Lehtonen will play both games next week and win. I know, a lot of questions based on speculation, but any thoughts on your end would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again,

  5. I would bet that Lehtonen will play both games.

    I am less certain on Vokoun but it would not surprise me if they wanted to play their best goalie against the better offensive team so it is possibly Mason gets the Islanders and Vokoun the Thrashers. Vokoun could play both too. You’d really have to look back at Nashville’s back to back games and see how they dealt at other times this year and having not followed Nashville real closely I can’t say. Otherwise it is just a guessing game.

  6. Thanks! I had checked that already, and Nashville in the beginning of the year rotated goalies on back to back, and in one instance had Vokoun play the stronger team the first night and on the other, played the stronger team on the second night. Their most recent back to back, Vokoun played them both. Go figure, I guess time will tell. Thanks for all your input, it’s nice to talk hockey with someone!!

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