Game Predictions – 1/5/2006

Kind of another dull night on the schedule with no real rivalry or important games being played. Philadelphia-NY Rangers might provide some entertainment and both are quality teams and Tampa at Buffalo features two skilled teams but still, not a lot to get excited about. In other games, Vancouver, who blew a 3rd period lead last night to Dallas, will try to break out of their slump against the surprisingly bad Chicago Blackhawks and Ottawa will take their injury riddled team (Alfredsson and Spezza most importantly) into Boston. Ottawa is getting a bit of luck in that they are playing some of the weakest teams while they are suffering injury problems. Washington last night, Boston tonight and a struggling Montreal team on Saturday. Had they been playing better teams their injury problems might have had a bigger negative impact.

But on to the predictions. In the pick-em games I’ll take Philadelphia over the Rangers, New Jersey over Montreal, Minnesota over Colorado and Vancouver over Chicago.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Boston Ottawa Ottawa Some
Buffalo Tampa Bay Buffalo Good
NY Rangers Philadelphia Pick N/A
New Jersey Montreal Pick N/A
Detroit St. Louis Detroit Strong
Minnesota Colorado Pick N/A
Chicago Vancouver Pick N/A
Los Angeles Phoenix Los Angeles Good
San Jose Columbus San Jose Good

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  1. My schedule was thrown off yesterday with the madness of the Rose Bowl, but I am back and ready to predict.

    St. Louis @ Detroit (Detroit-Strong)
    Ottawa @ Boston (Ottawa-Good)
    Colorado @ Minnesota (Colorado-Good)
    Vancouver @ Chicago (Vancouver-Good)
    Phoenix @ Los Angeles (Los Angeles-Good)
    Columbus @ San Jose (San Jose-Good)
    Tampa Bay @ Buffalo (Buffalo-Some)
    Philadelphia @ NY Rangers (Philadelphia-Some)
    Montreal @ New Jersey (New Jersey-Some)

    Strong: 22-5-3, 78.3%
    Good: 29-22-5, 56.3%
    Some: 20-27-7, 43.5%
    Overall: 71054015, 56.1%

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