The pessimists view…

Apparently the Toronto Sun’s Lance Hornsby is a pessimist. Just look at how he is viewing the Leafs right now.

And rather than relax a bit as they carry a five-game winning streak into tonight’s game against the Pittsburgh Penguins, the sixth-ranked Leafs see lots of action in their rearview mirror. There are seven teams — five of them out of the playoff picture at the moment — within 13 points of the Leafs.

Yeah, that is a true statement, but it can also be said that the Leafs are just 10 points behind the Senators for first spot. The fact is that the Leafs are solidly in a playoff spot, 7 points and a game in hand over the 9th place Atlanta Thrashers. It is unfortunate that the ever-pessimistic Toronto media always insists on looking back in the standings than forward as the Leafs should soon be passing the NY Rangers in the standings.