Game Predictions – 1/2/2006

Ok, I am starting to get back into a more normal schedule after a busy holiday season which should allow me to provide some more in depth analysis of games beginning tomorrow and hopefully some other stuff aside from game predictions as well. But the work schedule looks busy for the next couple months so it still may not be to the level I would like but I’ll see what I can do.

Before we get to today’s game predictions lets take a look at my success rate so far.

Strong: 56 of 81 for 69.1% success rate
Good: 54 of 81 for 66.7% success rate
Some: 43 of 72 for 59.7% success rate
65 games were too close to call

Several interesting games on the schedule today including a battle of two excellent offenses when Ottawa visits Atlanta in their first matchup since the big off season trade of Hossa and DeVries for Heatley. Ottawa is listed as a “Good” favourite but Atlanta has the offense to be able to compete with Ottawa. The question will be if they have the goaltending to compete. With Lehtonen playing in Altanta’s win over Washington yesterday it seems likely that Garnett will get the start today. While Garnett has been playing better lately (3-0-2 and 2 shutouts in last 5 games) I am not sure he can provide the goaltending Atlanta needs if they are going to defeat a top team like Ottawa. Even wtih Alfredsson missing the game with a cracked rib, I think Ottawa will still win. But it is more likely to be a 5-4 win than a 2-1 win.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Boston Philadelphia Philadelphia Some
Calgary Chicago Calgary Strong
NY Islanders Tampa Bay NY Islanders Some
Atlanta Ottawa Ottawa Good
Toronto Pittsburgh Toronto Strong
St. Louis Vancouver Vancouver Good
Los Angeles Dallas Los Angeles Some

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  1. Well, over here in California, we got a good start to ’06 with non-stop rain. But that isn’t keeping me away from watching one of the most interesting games on today’s schedule. I am going to Staples’ Center today to watch Dallas @ Los Angeles.
    Also, I had NY as a favourite over Tampa, but after doing some research, switched to Tampa AND from “Some” to “Good”. NY Islanders have allowed an average of 5.0 goals per game during their last 4 games, in which they have gone 0-4-0.
    Here are the predictions for ALL 7 games on the schedule tonight.

    Chicago @ Calgary (Calgary-Strong)
    Ottawa @ Atlanta (Ottawa-Strong)
    Pittsburgh @ Toronto (Toronto-Strong)
    Vancouver @ St. Louis (Vancouver-Strong)
    Philadelphia @ Boston (Philadelphia-Good)
    Tampa Bay @ NY Islanders (Tampa Bay-Good)
    Dallas @ Los Angeles (Los Angeles-Good)

    Strong: 18-3-3, 81.3%
    Good: 22-19-5, 53.3%
    Some: 19-26-7, 43.3%
    Overall: 59-48-15, 54.5%

    Yesterday, my predictions were all the Home teams. Much to my dismay, it was the 3 road teams that won. So, yesterday was the first day so far I went 0-fer. Hopefully, I can rebound.

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