Game Predictions – 1/1/2006

Happy New Year everyone. I hope none of you are suffering too much from a late night. We only have 3 games on schedule today. Nashville is a good favourite over Anaheim and I can’t really see an upset in that game. Buffalo is a strong favourite against Florida but I could see an upset here as Florida has played a bit better of late including a win over Buffalo on December 22nd. A Florida win would not surprise me. Finally, in the pick-em game I’ll take Atlanta over Washington. Like Florida, Atlanta has plaayed better recently and are now only 3 points behind Tampa for th 8th playoff spot in the easten conference.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Washington Atlanta Pick N/A
Buffalo Florida Buffalo Strong
Nashville Anaheim Nashville Good

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  1. I hope nobody got hurt in partying overnight. We open the new year with only 3 games. This is one of those nights that you wish you had a rivalry game, like NYR/NYI or OTT/TOR. Sadly, we don’t have those, so we will have to live with what we have.

    Florida @ Buffalo (Buffalo-Strong)
    Anaheim @ Nashville (Nashville-Good)
    Atlanta @ Washington (Washington-Some)

    Strong: 18-2-3, 84.8%
    Good: 22-18-5, 54.4%
    Some: 19-25-7, 44.1%
    Overall: 59-45-15, 55.9%

  2. We had 10 games yesterday. Two of them were really high based on my formula.

    Philadelphia @ Washington (99)
    Anaheim @ St. Louis (95)
    Colorado @ Phoenix (74)
    Montreal @ Carolina (71)
    Vancouver @ Minnesota (70)
    NY Rangers @ Pittsburgh (69)
    Edmonton @ Calgary (67)
    Los Angeles @ Dallas (65)
    Toronto @ New Jersey (58)
    Columbus @ Detroit (52)

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