Game Predictions – 12/2/2005

So that is 2 nights in a row that Boston gave the hockey world a big story. First they trade Thornton, then they shut out Ottawa. I figured they would come out hard but to shut out Ottawa is more than I expected. Despite their success last night, in the long run I think Boston loses the trade. Only time will tell though. We now enter a stretch of inter-conference…

December 2, 2005

Game Predictions – 12/1/2005

Boston made the big trade yesterday. Today they have a big task. That being to try to defeat the Ottawa Senators. Sometimes making a big trade will wake everyone up and they will come out and play a great game but without Thornton I just can’t see this team beating the Senators but who knows. Stranger things have happened (like trading Thorton in the first place). One possible upset will…

December 1, 2005