Game Predictions – 12/30/2005

There are 7 games on schedule tonight three of which my algorithm has decided is too close to call. But since I am more daring than my algorithm, I’ll make a prediction on those games. I’ll choose Florida who has been playing a bit better lately over the struggling Canadiens. I’ll take Nashville over the Oilers and San Jose over Colorado. I think all of the predicted games have the potential for an upset except for the Senators. I just can’t see them losing to the Islanders. Ottawa eats up mediocre goaltending and only teams with top goaltending has really been able to beat them. The Islanders goaltending just isn’t that good and Ottawa could have another 6+ goal game.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Ottawa NY Islanders Ottawa Strong
Tampa Bay Boston Tampa Bay Good
Florida Montreal Pick N/A
Buffalo Atlanta Buffalo Some
Chicago Columbus Chicago Good
Edmonton Nashville Pick N/A
San Jose Colorado Pick N/A

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  1. I hope Ottawa gets 6 goals so everybody gets a free slice of pizza. Besides that, I must saw that I had a hard time making my predictions for the other 6 games.

    Boston @ Tampa Bay (Tampa Bay-Good)
    Montreal @ Florida (Montreal-Good)
    Atlanta @ Buffalo (Buffalo-Good)
    NY Islanders @ Ottawa (Ottawa-Some)
    Columbus @ Chicago (Columbus-Some)
    Nashville @ Edmonton (Nashville-Some)
    Colorado @ San Jose (San Jose-Some)

    Right now, I think Columbus is playing the best hockey they may play all year. You don’t want a team with as bad a record as Chicago to cool you off. I win like Wednesday’s win over Anaheim at home gives them more momentum. Despite they are playing the best hockey of the year, they are fighting with St. Louis and Chicago still to compete for the best team in the Central Division to NOT make the playoffs.

  2. Now, let’s get down to the Entertainment Values of last night’s games.

    Los Angeles @ Phoenix (93) 6-5 OT Phoenix
    Philadelphia @ Carolina (82) 4-3 OT Philadelphia
    Buffalo @ Toronto (69) 4-3 SO Toronto
    St. Louis @ Dallas (68) 3-0 Dallas
    New Jersey @ Pittsburgh (66) 6-2 Pittsburgh
    Minnesota @ Calgary (65) 4-2 Calgary

    Now, here are the top 5 and bottom 5 based on entertainment values over the last 3 nights of games.

    Dec 28 Anaheim @ Columbus (94) 1-0 Columbus
    Dec 29 Los Angeles @ Phoenix (93) 6-5 OT Phoenix
    Dec 27 Nashville @ Calgary (90) 4-3 Calgary
    Dec 28 Philadelphia @ Atlanta (82) 4-3 OT Philadelphia
    Dec 29 Philadelphia @ Carolina (82) 4-3 Philadelphia
    Dec 28 NY Rangers @ NY Islanders (42) 6-2 NY Rangers
    Dec 27 Detroit @ Dallas (47) 4-1 Detroit
    Dec 28 Minnesota @ Edmonton (50) 4-2 Minnesota
    Dec 28 St. Louis @ Chicago (60) 2-1 St. Louis
    Dec 28 Washington @ New Jersey (61) 7-2 New Jersey

    Also, I am trying to get the values of all games this season. (All entertainment values courtesy of Box Scores found on I hope to get all values accumulated within a week or two.

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