Game Predictions – 12/29/2005

Six games on schedule tonight with some which should prove to be fairly interesting. Carolina-Philadelphia should be quite entertaining to watch and while Carolina is the predicted winner I think this game is going to go the Flyers way. In the pick-em games I am going to pick Buffalo over Toronto since Buffalo is the team that the Maple Leafs always have trouble with. In the other pick-em games I’ll go with New Jersey over Pittsburgh and Los Angeles over Phoenix.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Carolina Philadelphia Carolina Some
Toronto Buffalo Pick N/A
Pittsburgh New Jersey Pick N/A
Dallas St. Louis Dallas Strong
Calgary Minnesota Calgary Good
Phoenix Los Angeles Pick N/A

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  1. We have some interesting games today. All games can go either way, including a potential upset in St. Louis @ Dallas.

    St. Louis @ Dallas (Dallas-Strong)
    Minnesota @ Calgary (Calgary-Good)
    New Jersey @ Pittsburgh (New Jersey-Good)
    Philadelphia @ Carolina (Carolina-Some)
    Buffalo @ Toronto (Buffalo-Some)
    Los Angeles @ Phoenix (Los Angeles-Some)

    Strong: 15-2-2, 84.2%
    Good: 19-14-4, 56.8%
    Some: 14-22-4, 40.0%
    Overall: 48-38-10, 55.2%

  2. Also, I would like to report my Entertainment Values for all 12 of last nights games.

    Anaheim @ Columbus (94)
    Philadelphia @ Atlanta (82)
    Montreal @ Tampa Bay (78)
    Carolina @ Ottawa (77)
    Nashville @ Vancouver (75)
    Los Angeles @ Colorado (74)
    Boston @ Florida (71)
    Phoenix @ San Jose (68)
    Washington @ New Jersey (61)
    St. Louis @ Chicago (60)
    Minnesota @ Edmonton (50)
    NY Rangers @ NY Islanders (42)

    Also, here are the top 5 and bottom 5 games over the past two days based on the entertainment values.

    (12/28) Anaheim @ Columbus (94) (1-0 Columbus)
    (12/27) Nashville @ Calgary (90) (4-3 Nashville)
    (12/28) Philadelphia @ Atlanta (82) (4-3 OT Philadelphia)
    (12/28) Montreal @ Tampa Bay (78) (4-3 Montreal)
    (12/28) Carolina @ Ottawa (77) (6-2 Ottawa)

    (12/28) NY Rangers @ NY Islanders (42) (6-2 NY Rangers)
    (12/27) Detroit @ Dallas (47) (4-1 Detroit)
    (12/28) Minnesota @ Edmonton (50) (4-2 Minnesota)
    (12/28) St. Louis @ Chicago (60) (2-1 St. Louis)
    (12/28) Washington @ New Jersey (61) (7-2 New Jersey)

    I was watching last nights ANA @ CLB game. From my perspective, I think that Anaheim completely blew a 41 save effort from J.S. Giguere. Selanne was trying to sweep the puck in the crease back to Giguere to cover it up w/ 3:43 left in the 3rd still 0-0. However, Giguere didn’t know where the puck was and Selanne actually swept it into the net. Giguere had 41 saves, but couldn’t make one off of his current teammate. Marc Denis for Columbus also had 40 saves, but this was one of the most entertaining games all year ruined by a veteran making a rookie mistake. Wait! Not even a rookie would score on his own goalie. This loss is gonna haunt Anaheim for quite some time.

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