Game Predictions – 12/28/2005

Here are tonights game predictions. In the pick-em games I think Colorado will defeat Los Angeles, Vancouver will defeat Nashville, and San Jose will defeat Phoenix.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
NY Islanders NY Rangers NY Islanders Some
Atlanta Philadelphia Philadelphia Some
Florida Boston Florida Some
Columbus Anaheim Anaheim Some
Ottawa Carolina Ottawa Good
New Jersey Washington New Jersey Some
Tampa Bay Montreal Tampa Bay Some
Chicago St. Louis Chicago Good
Colorado Los Angeles Pick N/A
Edmonton Minnesota Edmonton Good
Vancouver Nashville Pick N/A
San Jose Phoenix Pick N/A

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  1. Here are tonight’s predictions:

    Anaheim @ Columbus (Anaheim-Strong)
    Philadelphia @ Atlanta (Philadelphia-Good)
    Boston @ Florida (Boston-Good)
    Washington @ New Jersey (Washington-Good)
    Los Angeles @ Colorado (Los Angeles-Good)
    Minnesota @ Edmonton (Edmonton-Good)
    Phoenix @ San Jose (San Jose-Good)
    NY Rangers @ NY Islanders (NY Rangers-Some)
    Carolina @ Ottawa (Ottawa-Some)
    Montreal @ Tampa Bay (Tampa Bay-Some)
    St. Louis @ Chicago (Chicago-Some)
    Nashville @ Vancouver (Nashville-Some)

    Strong: 15-1-2, 88.9%
    Good: 17-10-4, 61.3%
    Some: 12-19-4, 40.0%
    Overall: 44-30-10, 58.3%

  2. I have developed a new formula to come up with the most entertaining games. The formula is the sum of the following:

    +1 Point for Every Shot Over 40 (Combined)
    +2 Points for Every Goal Scored
    +2 Points for Every Roughing Minor
    +5 Points for Every Fighting Major
    +5 Points for a 6-Goal Game
    +10 Points for a 5-Goal Game
    +15 Points for a 4-Goal Game
    +20 Points for a 3-Goal Game
    +25 Points for a 2-Goal Game
    +30 Points for a 1-Goal Game
    +35 Points for an Overtime Game
    +40 Points for a Shootout
    +2 Points for a Shutout

    Here are the entertainment values for last nights 4 games

    Nashville @ Calgary (90), 4-3 (Nashville Wins)
    Toronto @ Pittsburgh (73), 3-2 OT (Toronto Wins)
    Boston @ Washington (70), 4-3 (Boston Wins)
    Detroit @ Dallas (47), 4-1 (Detroit Wins)

    I will try to post these values as often as I can. Of course, all values posted will be for games 12/27 and after.

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