Game Predictions – 12/27/2005

Only 4 games on schedule tonight but potentially four close games if my prediction algorithm knows anything as 3 of the games are pick-em games. In those 3 pick-em games I’ll chose Toronto over Pittsburgh, Dallas over Detroit and Calgary over Nashville.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Washington Boston Washington Some
Pittsburgh Toronto Pick N/A
Dallas Detroit Pick N/A
Calgary Nashville Pick N/A

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  1. Like Mr. Johnson said, we have four interesting games today, and all my predictions were difficult to make. Here they are:

    Boston @ Washington (Washington-Some)
    Toronto @ Pittsburgh (Toronto-Good)
    Detroit @ Dallas (Detroit-Some)
    Nashville @ Calgary (Calgary-Some)

    Strong: 15-1-2, 88.9%
    Good: 16-10-4, 60.0%
    Some: 11-18-3, 39.1%
    Overall: 42-29-9, 58.1%

  2. Also, I would like to comment about last night’s Kings/Sharks game, which I attended. The teams were going at it the entire game. This one was truly a playoff-atmosphere game. Even when the Kings had a 4-1 lead early in the third, the Sharks didn’t give up. Eventually, they got two goals by Jonathan Cheechoo to make a game out of it. Late in the third, the teams went about 7 minutes without a stoppage in play, one that was desperately needed by both sides. At that stoppage, with one minute left, San Jose used their timeout. In that last minute of play, the entire arena was on their feet. If this was the first hockey game you ever saw, I guarantee you are a fan for life.

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