Game Predictions – 12/22/2005

Just a quick note about the upcoming holiday season and game predictions. Due to the fact that the Christmas season is more hectic than than normal and daily schedules are thrown way out of whack posting times of game predictions might be all over the board. I still hope to get predictions posted for every day but I am just not sure when they will occur and if I do happen to miss a day I apologize in advance.

Here are today’s game predictions. The game to watch tonight has to be Ottawa-Philadelphia which has developed into a heated rivalry in recent years. It will also be a test for the Senators who haven’t had a great December so far at 4-2-3 and will be looking to prove themselves against another top eastern conference team. The San Jose-Phoenix game is a game that should produce a result different than the prediction. San Jose is dramatically improved post-Thornton trade and this isn’t yet fully impacted the prediction algorithm yet which is why San Jose is listed as the underdog. San Jose should win this game though.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Boston Toronto Toronto Some
NY Rangers Tampa Bay NY Rangers Some
Philadelphia Ottawa Ottawa Some
Atlanta Washington Atlanta Some
Florida Buffalo Buffalo Good
Colorado Minnesota Colorado Good
Phoenix San Jose Phoenix Some

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  1. With 7 games today, and some potentially interesting ones, let’s go straight to the predictions.

    Toronto @ Boston (Toronto-Good)
    Tampa Bay @ NY Rangers (Tampa Bay-Some)
    Ottawa @ Philadelphia (Ottawa-Some)
    Washington @ Atlanta (Atlanta-Some)
    Buffalo @ Florida (Buffalo-Strong)
    Minnesota @ Colorado (Colorado-Good)
    San Jose @ Phoenix (San Jose-Good)

    Strong: 9-0-1, 95.0%
    Good: 12-5-4, 66.7%
    Some: 6-10-0, 37.5%
    Overall: 27-15-5, 62.5%

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