Dec 212005

Team Canada men’s olympic team has been announced and while different than the one I would have chosen I understand almost all selections made. That is, except for Shane Doan and Kris Draper. It was obvious the team was based significantly on past experience in both the World Cup in 2004 and Olympics in 2002. This philosophy makes sense, except when those players are not playing well and are clearly being outplayed by others.

Kris Draper is having a poor year in Detroit this year. He has just 1 goal and 7 points and has by far the worst +/- on the Red Wings at -6 (next worst is -2). Shane Doan is not having a spectacular season in Phoenix either with just 6 goals, 22 points and the second lowest +/- on the Phoenix at -7. These guys were selected to be defensive players but there are clearly better choices to play this role. Brenden Morrow (10g, 27pts, +9) and Jason Arnott (11g, 27pts, +7) are both solid defensive players and are having much stronger seasons this year. If Brenden Morrow was good enough to be selected to the 2004 World Cup team he certainly was good enough to make this one. The rest of the team I can accept but there is no way Doan and Draper should have made this team.

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    […] 2. Player selection. The player selection committee has to take some blame for this loss. I criticized the selection committee for taking Draper and Doan and you could have made a strong argument against Martin St. Louis being on the team as well. When I selected my Olympic team/a> I suggested that one of the Tampa players should have been left off the team and St. Louis would have been the obvious choice. Certainly Eric Staal, Sidney Crosby, Patrick Marleau, Alex Tanguay or even Brendan Shanahan would have all contributed more offense than Doan, Draper and St. Louis. […]

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