Game Predictions – 12/16/2005

Four games on the schedule tonight, but none that I can really say are a must see. There was once a time where Chicago-St. Louis would have been an outstanding geam to watch but St. Louis is horrible this year and Chicago hasn’t been very good for quite a few years. It’s really sad to see how that Chicago franchise has been destroyed over the years. Chicago should be a big hockey city but bad management decisions (like not showing games on local TV) has ruined that.

I guess if you live in the Los Angeles area the Kings-Ducks game is a big game but as an outsider it isn’t of great interest. It should probably prove to be an entertainign game but for those of us in the east we don’t see much of either team so it is pretty much just another game on the schedule. It is the only pick-em game though and I’ll pick the Kings to win. They’ve been struggling recently but I think they are the better team.

BTW, if you would like to play along, feel free to post your game predictions in the comments.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Pittsburgh Buffalo Buffalo Good
Chicago St. Louis Chicago Some
Anaheim Los Angeles Pick N/A
San Jose Washington San Jose Good

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  1. Of the four games today, the Anaheim-Los Angeles game is the only one I can confidently say could go either way Since I am NOT an outsider and have been a Kings fan my entire life, this will be the one game today I am going to see. Even the broadcasters for the Kings (on FSN West) and the Ducks (FSN West 2) are competing against each other.
    Don’t underestimate Washington. If any of the four games are going to be upsets, Washington@San Jose would be the one. Buffalo should beat Pittsburgh, as Pittsburgh sucks, and firing Ed Olczyk and the assistant coaches isn’t going to make them a better team. Anyway, here are my predictions for today:

    Buffalo @ Pittsburgh (Buffalo-Strong)
    St. Louis @ Chicago (Chicago-Good)
    Washington @ San Jose (San Jose-Strong)
    Los Angeles @ Anaheim (Los Angeles-Some)

    Strong: 1-0-1, 75.0%
    Good: 2-2-1, 62.5%
    Some: 1-1-0, 50.0%
    Total: 4-3-2, 55.6%

    By the way, for privacy purposes, I have changed my name from Scott Young to Kevin Young. For all future comments and predictions, the name “Kevin Young” will be posted.

  2. I disagree on Pittsburgh. Teams usually get a short term boost after a firing just like Boston got a short term boost (beating Ottawa and Edmonton) when they made their big trade. Now Buffalo is the hottest team in the league so an upset is still unlikely, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it happens or if Pittsburgh can put a scare into the Sabres and keep it close. Plus Fleury has played well enough in goal that he could steal a game if the rest of the team can get a couple goals.

  3. I guess I now agree with you, but in the long run, Pittsburgh still has a long way to go before being a contender in the Southeast division.

  4. Hey, I just have one more thing I would like to correct. On ESPN’s “Around the Horn”, Dallas Morning News sports columnist was praising his Dallas Stars for “being the first team to shutout the Ottawa Senators”. I just want to say that the Ottawa Senators were shut out by the Boston Bruins 3-0 three weeks ago.

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