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Everyone seems to have an opinion on it and since I can be opinionated at times, I may as well give mine. This would be my choice for the Canadian Olympic team selection.

Gagne Sakic Iginla
Smyth Spezza Heatley
Richards Lecavalier St. Louis
Morrow Thornton Shanahan

Niedermayer Jovanovski
Redden Pronger
Foote Regehr


Notable Exceptions:
Eric Staal
Alex Tanguay
Paul Kariya
Marc Savard
Mark Recchi
Rick Nash
Glen Murray
Todd Bertuzzi
Patrick Marleau
Roberto Luongo

I am not convinced that all three Tampa players should make the team but I have a hard time picking which one should be left off and I think that Gretzky will take all three so I have decided to leave them on my list too. I had intended to take Luongo but he has played very poorly of late and Turco has been a solid goalie throughout his career and I think he deserves to be given the last spot. I also took Arnott as my extra forward over the others because I think he does more things well and is more versatile than say Tanguay, Kariya, Savard, etc. I took Spezza over Staal because of his chemistry with Heatley and because he is more of a pure playmaker and that is probably a better fit with the scoring wingers on the team. Shanahan is a guy who doesn’t get talked about all that much but he’s having a great year (17 goals), has Olympic experience (1998, 2002) and is a proven winner. With Yzerman and Lemieux not attending his experience and leadership will certainly help. Foote and Blake are also borderline picks but again, their experience is why I put them on the team over McCabe and Phaneuf. I don’t think McCabe will make the team but it would not surprise Phaneuf made the team over Blake or (more likely) Foote.

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  1. i dont agree with smyth making the team. He’s have a terrible year and doesn’t deserve to make it. Staal has the most goals for a Canadian in the NHL how do you cut him?

    also you have to put crosby on the team. not ever to play bu the experience will help him and Canada in the long run.

  2. also you have to put McCabe on that team who you take off is hard to dettermine but he has the most points as a defencemen. More than some of those forwards.

  3. Smyth has 13 goals, 23 points, +1 in 24 games. He’s pretty much played on every team Canada the past decade. He is going to make the team.

    From what I hear, there is a good chance that Crosby will make the team, and if he went instead of Arnott I wouldn’t have a huge arguement but it comes down to whether you want to groom him for the future or be more adaptable in case of an injury situation. But I doubt that all 3 youngsters – Staal, Spezza and Crosby – will make the team. I just don’t think they want that much inexperience. At most they get 2 spots so take your pick.

    McCabe won’t make the team. He gets most of his points on the PP and there will be fewer penalties called. They are also using international rules meaning smaller offensive zones making it easier to neutralize the point shot. This again eliminates some of McCabe’s benefits.

  4. McCabe is still 50-50 in going. Team Canada has looked him over in the past, and the fact that he got booted from Sweden last year after 10 games won’t help.

    As for the young-uns, I agree that 2/3 will go. It should be Spezza and Staal, but I think Mario will pressure them in putting Crosby on there.

    And in nets, no chance is Luongo not going. He will be the starter in 2010 barring a miracle run by someone else (or amazing longevity by Brodeur), so there’s no way they keep him off.

  5. My 2 cents.

    Draper will make it. He is a fourth liner, that will accept his role as a PK specialist, and an energy line player. I will take Spezza off. Maybe on the Taxi squad. I like him, I just don’t think the brass will take him, out of loyalty to the other guys.

    Rounding out the 4th line. will be Doan and Smyth.

    Where you have Smyth put in Bertuzzi. He’s a stud even though he’s off to a slow start. I would keep Smyth and leave Morrow off.

    I would also replace Shanahan with Nash. As good as Shanahan looks on the smaller ice, he looked out of place in 2002. Nash only a few games, I know, but he lit it up in the Worlds, and has to be considered one of Canada’s best.

    I think they will take Luongo over Turco in this case. Just binderdundat.

    Gagne Sakic Iginla
    Bertuzzi Thornton Nash
    Heatley Lecavalier Richards
    Doan Draper Smyth
    St.Louis (13th forward)

    D as above

    Brodeur, Luongo, Joseph

    Taxi Squad: Crosby, Spezza, Phaneuf

  6. Wrong by 1 player Turco vs Joseph on the Team…. Not too bad

    Taxi Squad … Stall vs Crosby (politics didn’t win this time)

    And of course we need a token Leaf to simmer the nation 🙂

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