Superstar Slowdown?

For ther first 20 or so games, several players were playing at a ~150 point season pace but most of them have seen that pace drop dramatically over the past week or so. In the last 4 games here are what the league leaders in points have done.

Spezza – 4 points
Jagr – 4 points
Heatley – 4 points
Alfredsson – 2 points
Forsberg – injured
Staal – 4 points
Thornton – 6 points
Gagne – 3 points
Savard – 2 points
Demitra – 2 points
McCabe – 3 points
Kovalchuk – 1 point
Prospal – 2 points
Naslund – 5 points
Frolov – 1 points

That’s the top 15 point produces in the NHL so far this season, and only 2 of them have scored at a better than a point per game pace (and Thornton benefitted from the usual new team boost) in the past 4 games while on the season, all of them have scored well over a point per game pace. Not only did Spezza and Heatley go pointless last night, they also went without a shot. Maybe it is just coincidence but doesn’t it seem strange that most of the leagues most productive players have slowed down their production at the same time? Something to ponder.

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