Game Predictions – 12/1/2005

Boston made the big trade yesterday. Today they have a big task. That being to try to defeat the Ottawa Senators. Sometimes making a big trade will wake everyone up and they will come out and play a great game but without Thornton I just can’t see this team beating the Senators but who knows. Stranger things have happened (like trading Thorton in the first place). One possible upset will be Buffalo over Montreal. Montreal has struggled significantly lately while Buffalo has come on some and played well. With Montreal’s defense injuries and suspensions they are in tough. In the first pick-em games I will pick Toronto over Atlanta simply because in the 2 games these teams have already played so far Toronto has dominated the Thrashers. The other pick-em game is between the two worst teams in the league. Columbus at St. Louis. Columbus won this match last week but having played last night Columbus might be a tad tired so I’ll take St. Louis on home ice in tonights game.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Boston Ottawa Ottawa Strong
NY Rangers Pittsburgh NY Rangers Strong
Atlanta Toronto Pick N/A
Montreal Buffalo Montreal Some
Detroit Calgary Detroit Good
St. Louis Columbus Pick N/A
Nashville Minnesota Nashville Strong
Edmonton Vancouver Edmonton Some